RAPC Minutes – February 10, 2016

RAPC Minutes – February 10, 2016

RAPC  Meeting


11:45 A.M. Call to Order In Attendance:

February 10, 2016, Minutes
•    Dave Beeds – Chair
•    Paul Daigneault
•    Janelle  Husak
•    Trudy Lerat – Treasurer
•    Eloise Fineday – Secreatry
•    Kurtis McAdam -by conference call
•    Gord Ratt – Elder

Welcome and round table introductions Deferral of Inst meeting minutes
Feb 3, 2016 – meeting in attendance Dave, Trudy and Eloise. Discussed 2016 projects and deferred meeting to Feb 10, 2016. (regrets – Paul and Janette)
Chair report -No report Secretary -No report Treasurer’s Report
•    Current Bank Balance is $750.00 as of February 2016 o   Cheque for $25.00 -Gord Rntt Elder honorarim
o Cheque for $300 – Kurtis McAdam MMIW Rounddance o Cheque for $400.00 Nichole Rounddance
Motion made to appoint Audit review committee to complete financial statements by March 15, 2016. Committee will be Janette Husak and Shauna Bughetty
Trudy – moved Paul – seconded
Voted – all in favour

Motion made to reallocate funds of $700.00 lo use towards MMIW walk and round dance on February 14, 2016.
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REGINA#917206 ·vi
Paul- moved Davel -seconded
Voted -all in favour


Action Item :Paul to ask Marianne to donate $700.00 for Round Dance.

Alternate Plan if the MMIW round dance doesn’t work oul -Have a Round dance in Prince Albert that is a media event and ask for food donations for the Food Bank.

Voted all in favour 2016 Work  Plan
•  Area Council sponsoring a pancake breakfast at the Friendship Centre on March 12, 2016 . RAPC will be providing the facility.
•  FNUC Roud Dance on March 5, 2016 -RA(>C to go and support round dance .

•  Provincial Election meet and greet on April 4, 2016

•  RAPC to host “Leadership Forum” for June 2016.

Action item: Paul to ask Marianne for funds to host this event.

Other  Business:


Meeting adjourned at  12:45 pm


Next  meeting date: March  10, 2016 at 4:.30 pm







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