RAPC Meeting Minutes (May 27, 2015)

RAPC meeting minutes for May 27, 2015

RAPC Meeting
May 27, 2015 
PA Indian Métis Friendship Centre, 1409-1st Ave East

Those in attendance: Kurtis, Dave, Paul, Eloise, Elders Doug Joseph and Gordon Ratt. 
Guests: Janet Carriere, Executive Director of PAIMFC, Louise Mardell of PSAC Regional Office.  
Jenette Husak, PRC Aboriginal Rep, sends regrets.

Meal provided by PAIMFC.
Prayer by Elder Gordon Ratt 

1. Call to order: Dave Beeds at 5:03pm, Louise read PSAC Harassment Policy
2. Review Agenda – accepted
3. Review previous minutes
4. Business arising from minutes: No questions or issues arising.
5. Executive reports: 
CHAIRPERSON- read out priorities of the Union.
TREASURER- cheque received for approved funding at $900.00.  Regional Action Plan funding approved for $700.00 for Round Dance and Walk for MMIW.  $700.00 approved for debate club.
SECRETARY-RAPC pamphlet was distributed and there was consensus to accept it as presented.
NAPC REPORT- Prairie Female Rep is currently vacant. Paul Daigneault is Prairie Male Rep. A hand out was presented that outlined the Priorities of NAP Circle, which was accepted at April 20th 2014 NAPC meeting. Paul also reported that NAPC has decided at their last meeting to cut one NAPC meeting and use that funding towards developing the regions.  Subsequently, there will be $7,500 available to each region to do as they wish to develop their regions.  The idea being discussed for this region is to use the funds to set up meetings with Manitoba and Alberta to discuss options for starting RAPCs in their areas.  Paul will work with PSAC staff to set this up.  There is also $20,000 available for training for this region.  Paul will work with PSAC staff to set up the training. More information will be shared as plans are finalized.

6. National Aboriginal Day Plans were discussed and finalized with Executive Director of the PAIMFC.
7. Roundtable: Janet, Director of PAIMFC, stated that the National Aboriginal Day does a good job of exposing Aboriginal culture.  Doug Joseph mentioned education of issues is very important. Kurtis suggested that RAPC look at the current hiring process, such as cultural testing, “right fit”, self declaration and other issues surrounding the hiring process. Dave stated that there is currently a Federal court decision on record on cultural testing.

8. Adjourned 6:54pm