RAPC Meeting Minutes-April 12, 2017

Northern Saskatchewan Regional Aboriginal Peoples Circle
Meeting April 12th, 2017
5:00 pm to 7:00 pm
Prince Albert Indian and Metis Friendship Centre, Prince Albert, Saskatchewan
In attendance:
Dave Beeds, Chair of the committee
Janette Husak
Shauna Bighetty
Louise Mardell, PSAC Saskatoon Regional Office
Guest: Bev Boe
Regrets: Paul Daigneault

Meeting was called to order. A brief explanation by Dave regarding the purpose of the Committee.
The Committee seeks to build a positive image of aboriginal people in the community and brings together PSAC members and community partners. Dave spoke about the Kids Club and other Social Justice Work of the committee. Louise added a brief explanation of the PSAC structure and how the committee fits in to the organization.

The Agenda was adopted as presented.
The December 16, 2016 minutes were reviewed and adopted.

Janette reviewed the financial statement from 2016 and the proposed budget request for 2017.Committee asked Louise to please send an email to the REVP’s office to see where the funding request is at.
A discussion was held regarding ideas for committee participant recruitment. Several ideas including door prizes and food were considered. Everyone will try to recruit at least one person to join them for the next meeting.
Work plan discussion: Several community projects were discussed including the “Rise Up” against Violence to be held at the Kinsmen Park on June 3rd. Featuring Conrad Burns.
Dave and Janette spoke about the idea of targeting the aboriginal youth issues including the high rate of suicide. Janette will speak with Candice Pete to see what her availability would be for a guest speaker/town hall event.
Discussion on possible fund raising events.
Next meeting May 24th at 5 p.m. – Friendship Center
Minutes prepared by Louise Mardell