Public Service Alliance of Canada Lethbridge and District Area Council General Meeting Approved Minutes – Dec 15, 2020 @ 5:30pm Via Zoom

Public Service Alliance of CanadaLethbridge and District Area CouncilGeneral MeetingDec 15, 2020 @ 5:30pm Via ZoomApproved Minutes

In attendance: Krysty Thomas (Munns) (30048), President; Ray Wilson (30048), Vice-President, David Pearson (30048),Secretary/Treasurer; Stephanie Erb (30048); Sherry Hunt (30048)
Guests:Lindsey Sparks, PSAC Regional Representative
1. Call to Ordera. 5:35pm at online via Zoom
2. Approval of Agendai. M/S Sister Hunt/Brother Wilsonii. Carried
3. Review and approval of the previous meeting’s minutes for May 26tha. Motion to accept the previous minutes with correctionsi. M/S Sister Hunt/Brother Wilsonii. Carried
4. Treasurer’s Reporti. $1,959.52 as of December 15, 2020, no change since last meeting
1. Motion to accept reporta. M/S Brother Pearson/Sister Huntb. Carriedii. Discussion of the 2020 committee budget which was approved by PRC
5. Summer Actions Debriefa. Write letter to Treasury board regarding stalled bargaining specific to our regioni. Was not doneii. All Treasury Board tables signed and others have been ratifiediii. Expect FB in bargaining stillb. Write a letter to the editor related to National Public Service Week demanding actioni. RE: bargaining and Phoenix Damages done and publishedc. Reach out to Lethbridge Pride organizers to see if there is something we can support during Pride Monthi. Pride did not happen because of COVIDd. Sweet Grass Youth Alliance Summer Youth Camp follow upi. Did not occur due to covide. An Action on 10 days of paid sick leave in relation to COVID (follow up with AFL actions regarding this initiative)i. Was unable to complete, will remain on this list of things to follow up withf. Follow up on childcare file, upcoming webinar put on by Childcare Now!i. A lot of work was completed via the Lethbridge Women’s Committee, Sister Hunt wrote letters to Minster of ChildrenServices RE: protection for childcare workers during the pandemic and beyond.g. Visit (zoom calls) with MPi. Unable to meet with our MPii. Sister Thomas logged into Harder (MP) town hall1. CLC Canadian Plan Forward question was to be askeda. Was unable to ask a question]b. Overall town hall was very partisanh. Labour Day children’s colouring contest/essay contesti. Rolled out by the Women’s Committee and the Labour Councils of Lethbridge and Medicine Hat.ii. Well received, submission were made into a calendar that will be sold for $10 that will be donated to Women’sShelters in Lethbridge and Medicine Hatiii. There are some calendars left1. One to the Calgary RO office and to Mariannei. Senior care file (in relation to issues we are seeing in long term care facilities in light of COVID)i. Labour must focus on it (senior then child care)ii. Revera (Pension Fund is invested) must be make publiciii. Should follow up with this file in 2021j. Ban on Conversion Therapy within city Lethbridgei. The Prairie Region wrote letter to council on this matterii. Bylaw banning conversion therapy was passed, member of area council attended a rally in support of this bylawk. Reusable Mask Projecti. collaborated with Stitch it Forward – partnerii. 100 mask were made by our members and donated back to members of the communityl. Municipal Election planningi. Lethbridge Labour council is working on a plan and has invited us to be apart of the conversationm. Black Lives Matter ralliesi. Winnipeg HR committee presented a webinar on the issueii. Many members attend local rallies
6. Updates from the PRC Meetingsa. Convention timei. February 19 Resolution deadlineii. February 19 deadline delegates and observersiii. May 12 Prairie Voice Award deadlineiv. June 25-27 Convention, virtualb. A province wide mail out from the region (CLC/AFL) about UCP’s attacks on workers re Bills 32 and 47c. Bargaining startingi. Bargaining request directly from rank and file on-lineii. Bargaining Conference – April 26-30 virtuallyd. NJC Healthcare/Benefitsi. Meeting later this yeare. Federal Election planningi. Election can some as soon as this spring, need to be prepared
7. AFL Community Action Teama. New Facebook Page YQL AGAINST AUSTERITY related to AFL Community Action Teams, grassroots teams that facilitateactions opposing the UCP gov’t.
b. Facebook page COMMUNITY CARE NOT CUTS this is a page where events will be created and shared more broadly.
c. Dec 19 Event: POST CARD FOR COMMUNITY cheers for community organizations that went above and beyond during thepandemic Despite overlapping crises, our communities are facing continued cuts. While workers in every sector shouldn’t haveto, they have made do with fewer resources. They make sure we are fed, housed, healed, educated, and have our mail, ourlocal art and goods. Let’s celebrate them! Message our page with a nomination and a note for a workplace of yourchoosing. The “Community Care Not Cuts” group will write up the first 50 messages onto postcards and distribute (safely)on December 19th. Message us today with your words of support for a work place of your choice”d. Labour attack by UCP (Bill 32)i. Follow AFLii. May not affect PSAC member but an injustice for one is an injustice for all, will affect the working lives of allAlbertans
8. Area Council Future Projectsa. Sage Clan Patrol/TeePee in Galt Gardens1. Looking for donates of backpacks full men toiletries and clothingb. Soup Kitchen – fees and help events for homeless Resilient Art YQL.i. Proposal for art supplies $15001. Ask via the Agriculture Social Justice Fund and a proposal to Marianne officec. Aikimootsiika Youth Conference webinari. Help with support for the Keynote Speaker1.
9. Round Tablea. Lindsay Sparksi. Words of encouragement regarding the work of the Committee.
10. Adjourna. 7:00pm
11. Next Meetinga. Week of Jan 18-22, 2021