PSAC Winnipeg Tri-Committee Mtg Minutes – Sep 1 2016

Attendees: Sheilagh Hanson, Greg Ballendine, Serina Pottinger, Yvonne Hein, Darlene McClure, Gloria Kelly, James Cooke, Anna Goldfeld, Kristen Beauchamp, Lorelei Topnick, Frank Janz, Faye Kingyens, Dawn MacAulay

PSAC Winnipeg Regional
Tri-Committee Meeting
Thursday, September 1, 2016 at 5:15
Winnipeg Regional Office
460 – 175 Hargrave Street

ATTENDEES:      Sheilagh Hanson, Greg Ballendine, Serina Pottinger, Yvonne Hein, Darlene McClure, Gloria Kelly, James Cooke, Anna Goldfeld, Kristen Beauchamp, Lorelei Topnick, Frank Janz, Faye Kingyens, Dawn MacAulay
REGRETS: Nicole Papineau, Gus Mardli, Tracy Grove
  1. Called to order at 5:20 p.m.
  2. PSAC Harassment Statement agreed to by all.
  3. Round table introductions.
  4. Purpose of Meeting – Let`s Work Together
  • Let`s see if the committees can work together
  • Last year the timing of some of our events conflicted
  • Last year some budgets were submitted late
  • Last year some minutes were not up on the website in a timely fashion
  • We throw ideas out there but we don`t get our act together to follow through with the idea
  • Even PSAC seems to book things that conflict with other events
  • Is it possible to have a joint “Calendar of Events“ – unfortunately not as the website is currently set up, each committee has their own events listed
  • Everything is supposed to go on the main page as well as under the individual committee
  • If we have a common goal for all three committees, how can we achieve this jointly with as little money as possible (thus making PSAC happy that we are following our mandates and not spending too much money)
  • i.e. if the Women`s committee is having a speaker we can invite men to hear the speaker and then after the men leave the women can continue with the business part of the meeting (or don`t have any business scheduled at all) and just have social time, it still counts as a meeting
  • we also need to figure out how to draw in more, and, younger activists
  • do a social event rather than a speaker, a fun night, a comedy hour
  • call our local presidents, see if they will spread the word, or come out to a meeting
  • resolutions need to be written for the convention coming up, maybe they need help
  • communication is a big problem
  • last year we talked about a mail out informing our members about the committees, but we think it fizzled out due to money issues
  • we need to get out to where our members are, our members are volunteering
  • we just received confirmation that we are entered in the Santa Claus parade – yahoo! – Nov 12
    • possibly renting a trailer, or might be able to get a full-size semi for little money
    • Frank is planning on building the railings in his garage
    • Have a get together to complete the decoration of it
    • Frank will try to supply us with more details at the next meeting (like where does the parade start and end?)
  • there`s Stonewall Quarry Days
  • serve breakfast at the breakfast program
  • sponsor an event
  • don`t forget about the Labour Day parade, meet at the Legislative building at 1:20, BBQ is from 2:30  to 4:30 at Central Park
  • we need to look for the opportunity to spread the word about us and what we do
  • is there a newsletter for us to brag about our achievements, our support of events – sort of – we should be tapping into the communications guy, it could be a one-page leaflet to be handed out, or e-mailed to local presidents to be distributed, it could include a blurb about the committees and the meeting dates
  • build our own e-mail tree
  • let’s pick a theme or two that ties in with the upcoming season
    • Thanksgiving
    • Volunteer at Siloam Mission or one of the other missions
    • Take Back the Night march
  • We’ll do the Santa Claus parade as a joint effort, and between now and then each committee will come up with another event to share with the other groups to have them participate
  • Host a Halloween party for kids that can’t get out or for newcomers
    • Gloria will look into a connection
    • Look for donations of costumes
    • Pick up treats
  • Frank to check with Agape Table or Siloam Mission to arrange a monthly volunteer opportunity
  • We need to look at our meeting dates
    • Human Rights Committee – Sept 22
    • Women’s Committee – Oct 11 and Nov 8
  • Kristen to look into the possibility of us (or different locals) sponsoring a “Christmas gift” for those people that are in Deer Lodge that don’t have loved ones close by to look after them at Christmas (or for us to simply give of our time)
  • Greg mentioned at least 8 events that occur every year
  • How are we going to promote our committee’s
  • Let’s start with a one-page blurb of each
  • Get a catchy title to get their attention
  • Committee chairs to work on the one-page blurb send it to Gloria (to fine-tune it) and then it will be sent to the members of the committee for dissemination
  • Let’s get it together soon
  • James moved to adjourn the meeting at 7:00, Darlene seconded it, accepted.