PSAC Sisters “Womb Swarm” Parliament

PSAC Sisters in Lethbridge participated in events for “Womb Swarm Parliament — Textile Artists United Against Motion M-312,” a creative initiative opposing the dangerous anti-abortion motion currently being debated in Ottawa. The private member’s motion by Tory MP Stephen Woodworth asks that a committee re-examine when a fetus should be considered a human being.

Members from the Calgary RWC and Lethbridge Locals joined women from Womanspace Resource Centre to knit or crochet women’s reproductive organs to send to Parliament as part of a nationwide protest.

CBC was on scene at the second “knit-in” in which six PSAC Sisters participated, of a total of 30 women. Sister Krysty Munns (PSAC Local 30048) and Sister Shannon Little (PSAC Local 30048, Human Rights Rep) are featured in the story which airs from 08:51 – 11:00 in the broadcast.

“I think it a symbolic way for us, as women, to say ‘here’s your uterus, keep your hands off ours.'” says Shannon Little.

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