PSAC Signs Service Agreement with Graduate Students’ Association University of Calgary

The Public Service Alliance of Canada Prairie Region welcomes the opportunity to support the members of the Graduate Students’ Association of the University of Calgary through a recently signed service agreement. 

 “PSAC believes that all workers deserve the protection and support of a union,” said Marianne Hladun, Regional Executive Vice-President, PSAC Prairies. “PSAC brings a wealth of experience in the academic sector and welcome the opportunity to support the work of academic workers at the GSA through this service agreement.”

The recent contraction of university budgeting has placed graduate student workers in an untenable situation. The additional resources and support provided through the agreement with PSAC will assist academically employed graduate students in upholding and protecting their rights as workers.

PSAC is committed to working with the GSA to provide necessary legal services, support collective agreement bargaining and other resources in their pursuit to protect their memberships interests and rights. Additionally, PSAC is committed to building a stewardship program at the University of Calgary in order to provide the necessary tools to advance the work of the GSA.

‘PSAC has a proven track record of collaborative and effective support at other institutions,‘ said Keira Gunn, Vice-President Labour of the GSA, ‘This unparalleled support is demonstrated through stewardship building, pertinent resources and  strengthening the protection of student worker rights.’