PSAC Regional Human Rights & Regional Equity Committee Handbook

Our members from equity-seeking groups have always challenged the union to address complex issues, to develop alternative ways of being effective, and to reach out to those members who, in the past, have been on the margins of union activity.Through their effort and determination, we are building an inclusive union solidly based in principles of justice and equality.

As a focal point for mobilizing equity-seeking members, the Regional Human Rights and Regional Equity Committees are essential to a strong union presence in the regions.They embody the spirit of grassroots organizing and membership participation.Member-based structures such as the Regional Committees are the vehicles that directly contribute to our power, effectiveness and relevance as a dynamic union.

We hope this handbook will be a useful resource to PSAC Regional Human Rights and Regional Equity Committees and to all activists who provide initiative and leadership.We look forward to working with you in solidarity.