PSAC Prairies Statement: Trans Day of Remembrance 2018

November 20 is the Trans Day of Remembrance. On this day we remember the trans, two-spirit and non-binary people who have lost their lives. We mourn and grieve together – and recommit to end all violence against trans people.
We have seen some progress over the years in Canada, including last year’s Bill C-16 which for the first time has protected gender identity and gender expression in law.
Moving forward, our union will work to ensure that these rights are realized in the workplace. These are positive steps, but there is still much work to do to ensure dignity for all: Trans people still frequently have to travel and/or pay for gender affirming surgeries and most workplaces fail to provide accessible gender inclusive washrooms. And trans people still face unacceptable levels of violence and discrimination.
As a union, PSAC is committed to fight for gender-affirming hormone therapies in extended health plans, to advocate for gender inclusive washrooms in workplaces and to respect pronouns names and identities. We must do everything in our power to ensure the right of trans peoples’ to work in an environment where they are respected and protected against prejudice and hate.
We must also take this struggle into our communities. Too many have died. Too many have suffered. We must remember, but we must also act to make a positive change in our country and our world.


Chris Little-Gagné
Regional Vice-President, Manitoba
Union of National Employees, PSAC
LGBTQ2+ Representative on the Prairie Region Council, PSAC
Marianne Hladun  
Regional Executive Vice-President, Prairies
Public Service Alliance of Canada