PSAC Prairies Convention 2023 – June 10 bulletin

Today delegates to the Prairies Convention continued to set the direction of our union.

Here’s a wrap up from Day 2 and some photos.

The Bylaws Resolutions Committee continued their work. The full list of bylaws resolutions is available here.

  • BYL-008, Membership rights within regions, carried
  • BYL-009, Allocation of regional funding, carried
  • BYL-014, Regional equity conferences, carried

The Finance Resolutions Committee brought forward several resolutions that had costs attached to them.

  • FIN-008, Accessible social media policy, carried
  • FIN-002, PSAC National Human Rights Committee meetings, carried
  • FIN-004, Barrier-free education, carried
  • FIN-005, Prairie Region Council meeting, carried

Convention delegates passed several campaign and issue-based resolutions that will help set the direction of PSAC and the Prairies Region over the next three years. The full list of general resolutions including the rationale and be it resolved language is available here.

  • GEN-001, Shiftwork, which calls on PSAC to undertake a study on the effects of shiftwork and provide recommendations designed to reduce the negative effect of shiftwork.
  • GEN-004, National public inquiry into the Phoenix pay system, which calls on PSAC to lobby the federal government to conduct a national public inquiry into the Phoenix debacle.

Elections to the Prairies Regional Council continued. Congratulations to these new and returning PRC members!

  • Young Workers Representative – Tania Fikus
  • Indigenous Peoples Representative – Janette Husak
  • Regional Women’s Committee Representative – Sherry Hunt
  • Northern Alberta Geographic Representative – Stasi L’Hirondelle
  • Southern Alberta Geographic Representative – Alex Creamer
  • Northern Saskatchewan Geographic Representative – Dawn Montgrant
  • Southern Saskatchewan Geographic Representative – Amy Stoik
  • South-East Manitoba Geographic Representative – Gus Mardi
  • North-West Manitoba Geographic Representative – Alicia Zurba
  • Persons with Disabilities Representative – Tim Hubick
  • Directly Chartered Locals Representative – Michelle Lang
  • Separate Employer Locals Representative – Amanda Wakeford