Lethbridge Regional Women’s Committee Meeting Minutes (March 3, 2021)

6:00 PM (MST), March 3, 2021

AGM Minutes

Attendees: Stephanie Erb (30048), Sherry Hunt (30048), Danielle Poissant (30907), Krysty Thomas (30048), Dolly Ablitt (PSAC, Calgary RO)

1) Call to order: 6:05 PM (MST)

2) Introductions

3) Approval of the Agenda:

  • Approved by consensus

4) Review Previous AGM Minutes (March 10, 2020):

  • Reviewed via screen share from Sherry
  • MS:  Krysty/Danielle. Motion: carried

5) Financial Review:

Stephanie (treasurer) reported:

  • Financial report for tonight’s meeting (Jan 1-Feb 28)  M/S: S. Erb/ D. Poissant, Motion: carried
  • Annual financial report for 2020 M/S: S. Erb/ K. Thomas. Motion: carried

6) Election of Executive:

K. Thomas (Area Council PRC Representative) chairs election.


Nominee: Sherry Hunt

M/S:  S. Erb/D. Poissant. Acclaimed

Vice President

Nominee: Danielle Poissant.

M/S: S. Hunt/S. Erb. Acclaimed


Nominee: Stephanie Erb

M/S: D. Poissant/S. Hunt. Acclaimed

Motion to change the signatories for the PSAC Lethbridge Regional Women’s Committee bank account, Removing Karen Mah and adding Sherry Hunt and Krysty Thomas.

M/S: K. Thomas/Sherry Hunt Motion: carried

  • Rotating duty for secretary
  •  Work we are doing (Dolly said) is second to none!

7) Roundtable

D. Ablitt:

  • Calgary committee virtual paint night – had new people that had never attended union meeting before.
  • App called Clubhouse Dolly has joined. Like a clubhouse with a multilevel clubhouse.  Rooms built on topics you want to discuss.
  •  Can be moderator or listener or both.
  • Sign up (need to be invited right now) before going in.
  •  Topics range on a variety of topics.  Can create a space in the clubhouse to talk about anything.
  • People who have something to offer can go in.   Can do profile and select areas of interest.
  • If the topic is set up, it can alert you (or if someone starts a chat).  If you’re interested, you can go in and participate.
  • Could be a huge tool for union activists.  (Building locals, equality, union apathy, challenging racism etc.).
  • Functions that allow you to do things…like mics flashing instead of clapping.
  • Platform just being built so have to be invited right now
  • Rules and group guidelines exists
  • No recordings of sessions

 D. Poissant:

  • Lots going on in her life-busy at home and work.
  • Medicine Hat Women’s shelter made buttons-she will send us some.
  • Buttons are being sold to raise funds for the Medicine Hat Women’s Shelter Society

S. Erb:

  • 2021 YWCA Women of distinction award – Shannan little.
  • First female manager at the Research Centre, first non PhD. manager.
  • Former chair and founding member of this committee.

 K. Thomas:

  • PRC meeting this weekend.  The Constitution committee has no new priority changes.
  • Reminder: positions will be available for council positions at convention.
  • Next meeting will have a PRC update, or email update.
  • Bargaining convention last week of April.
  •  Prairie Voice awards due May 12

8) Next Meeting:

  • May 3/21  6:00 pm

 9) Adjourn

  • 6:55 pm   M/S: D. Poissant/S. Erb