Prince Albert RWC Mtg Minutes (Feb 8 2011)

Present: Denni Nelson, Tim Hogan, Gerald Wiegers, Debbie Taylor, Marianne Hladun, Nancy Johnson




Present: Denni Nelson, Tim Hogan, Gerald Wiegers, Debbie Taylor,

             Marianne Hladun, Nancy Johnson.

The Meeting opened at 7:15 P.M.with President Sr. Nelson extending a welcome to all who were present.

The Harassment Policy was read out by Sr. Johnson.

Guests Sr. M. Hladun and Sr. N. Johnson were introduced.

Additions to the agenda included:

      -Financial Report

      -Area Council 2011 Budget

The agenda was moved for adoption by Br. G. Wiegers, seconded by Br. Hogan. Carried.

Discussion revolved around Area Council Members’ November 9, 2010visitation to MP Randy Hoback’s constituency office. Issues discussed included:

The current collective bargaining agreement, severance take-away, pension plans, current Government plans to relocate Pay & Benefits staff to Quebecand problems associated with this decision. Other issues discussed included retirement planning and difficulties related to spousal pension, possible public service member cuts and childcare options for working parents. Mr. Hoback was agreeable to contact Sun life to assist in having a representative appear at a forum for members to discuss the Sun life health card and various other concerns members and retirees would want addressed with respect to their health benefits and accessibility to these.

Sr. Nelson discussed the development of our flyers for the Fight-back campaign, indicating we are looking to send these out to our members and also to the Public through inserting in the PA Shopper. This campaign is likely to move further along as the Fight-back continues. Discussion centered on some of the wording contained within the proposed flyer and whether it would be advisable and prudent to have the Northern Sask. Area Councils work together on the campaign.

Possible resolutions to submit to the PSAC Triennial Convention were discussed and Br. Hogan is to begin draft preparations on one that has to do with the recall of the National PSAC President. It was felt that a resolution respecting APSAR would require more extensive research prior to attempting to word it in a resolution. Br. Wiegers is to contact Frank MacGregor with respect to this.

Br. Wiegers, with input provided by Sr.’s Hladun and Johnson, presented his PRC report.

The following was presented:

-revamping of the current Prairie Region Bylaws

-resolution for fully funded delegates to future PSAC Triennial Conventions

-proposal to eliminate Geographic rep. and add additional Area Council rep.

– Convention Committees: Finance Committee formed by Sask. PRC members, By-laws  

 – Committee consists of Manitoba PRC Members and General Resolutions Committee of Alberta PRC Members.

-There was clarification of the rationale for the Convention move from Regina to Winnipeg.

Sr. Nelson presented her “President’s Report” covering the last year. Discussion evolved around how to obtain more Local involvement within the Area Council. Suggestions included direct calling of members to having members attend via conference call.

The future of the Area Council in PA & District was discussed and the following suggestions were provided:

Concentrate on bringing in the membership; have each member of Area Council work on individual components; have a bear-pit session c/w advance format.

There was mention of member apathy and how the recent bargaining and collective agreement coming into effect may have contributed to added apathy.

Sr. Hladun conducted the Election of Officers for the Area Council. The following persons were duly elected and administered the oath of Office by Sr. Hladun:

Denni Nelson – President

Tim Hogan   – Vice-President

Debbie Taylor – Secretary

Debbie Taylor – Treasurer

The financial report was presented by Br. Hogan. Br. Hogan moved adoption of his report, seconded by Br. Wiegers. Carried.

Discussion was held respecting who would be the incoming PRC representative from Area Council. This will be taken up and determined at a future Area Council Meeting.

A Meeting to discuss the draft resolution from Br. Hogan will be held Wednesday, February 16 at 5:15 Marquis RoadA&W.

Alliance Facilitator training will be held April 14-18 in Regina. If interested one may apply on-line or print off the application and send in completed form to Sr. J. Shannon.

Br. Hogan moved Meeting be adjourned, seconded by Sr. Taylor.