Prince Albert RWC Minutes (July 5, 2011)

PSAC Women’s Committee Meeting

John M. Cuelenaere Public Library

July 5, 2011

Present: Denni Nelson, Bonny Sundberg, Tracy Burton, Louise Mardell, Debbie Taylor


  1. Highlights from convention

·         Sister Mardell – Congratulations to Denni Nelson being elected to Geographic representative for Prairie Regional Council

·         Nancy Johnson has been elected as the regional women’s representative for prairies

·         Convention Report package will be out shortly, likely by the fall

·         Budget was passed

Resolution from women’s committees across the country on anti-bullying

·         Policy development

·         Education

o   Will be a workshop in the fall

o   Leadership Meeting – To be confirmed by REVP

§  Fight back

§  Meetings at local levels

§  Strategy campaigns

·         Prairies on Patrol – discussion on cut backs

o   Be aware of activities or movements to do more with less

§  Positions not being back filled

o   Promoting and utilizing shop stewards more frequently

·         Advanced Shop Steward training will be held in Saskatoon in September

  1. Learning Event

·         a collaborative effort with RWC’s in Saskatoon and Prince Albert and possibly Regina

  1. Planned budget for RWC and events

·         Tools for Schools – likely not happening for this year as late in the year

·         Labor Day BBQ –

o   Message to the public

o   joint effort volunteer workers

o   List of volunteer workers is being compiled

o   Late afternoon

o   Think Public paraphernalia

·         Seniors Supper

·         Feed the Hungry

o   Will purchase potatoes or provide funds for potatoes

  1. Prairie School for Women

·         Report from Tracy Burton – workshop attended “Taking The World By Storm” report will form part of these minutes

Influence from corporations Green ramifications / repercussions 

  1. Financial Report

·         Brief report provided

·         Financial records need to be kept up to date and well kept

o   Practices and policies for record keeping

o   Should have an audit completed by fall

o   Suggestion for PDF files to be the format for formal records

  1. Position of Chair for RWC

·         Minutes need to forwarded to region to be posted

·         Need to have as much lead time for meetings as possible

·         Possibly have the dates for the 4 meeting determined at the fall meeting

·         Tracy Burton will chair the RWC for the next year.

  1. Next meeting tentative date – September 14, 2011
  2. Adjournment


D. Nelson, Chair