Prince Albert Regional Indigenous People’s Circle Minutes (Sept 8, 2021)


Prudence McKenzie, Chair

Vivian Merasty, Vice Chair

Brenda Walsh, Treasurer

Janette Husak, PRC Representative

Kelsey Dreaver, Member

Clarissa Danielson, Secretary

Don Racette

Barb Tisseran

Louise Mardell

Sara Griffin

Pam McKay

Call to Order – 12:09 Land Acknowledgement and Harassment Policy read by Louise

Review Agenda – no changes

Minutes from the Last Meeting read by Prudence, moved by Don, seconded by Janette

Chair’s Report – nothing to report

Vice Chair – regrets she will have to step down; RIPC will need to post an election for this position

Treasurer’s Report – nothing to report

New Business – September 30 is National Day of Truth and Reconciliation, its wear your orange shirt day! We aim to make this a day of awareness for the non-indigenous community. Encourage indigenous people to create awareness via emails, webinars, send messages of healing and acknowledgment of the pain caused by the wrongdoings in the past.  Prudence will send a proposal to Louise although covid is still a high concern to our Chair and our RIPC group.  The Sisters in Spirit are planning a vigil on October 4, 2021 if we as a group would like to participate in.  Louise mentioned upcoming webinars about reconciliation.  Don mentioned there is a suicide awareness this Friday which the community is encouraged to light a candle at 8pm. 

National Indigenous Day 2021 – province-wide restrictions are still a concern; suggestion is to hang orange shirts in our front yards or in our windows, add the orange shirt awareness or weblinks to our email signatures.  We will plan a sharing circle with an elder and issue honorarium to the elder.  Don knows Elder Betty and will invite her to see her availability. Then a zoom meeting can be created.

Round Table:

Louise – the growth of committee is encouraging, always encourage more people to attend across the province. Dawn Montgrand is the newly elected regional representative and will gladly support our committee. Joyce has always been a great supporter who is also a chair on the PA & Area council.

Adjournment – 12:46pm