Prince Albert Regional Indigenous People’s Circle Minutes (Dec 16, 2021)


Prudence McKenzie, Chair

Vivian Merasty, Member

Brenda Walsh, Treasurer

Kelsey Dreaver, Member

Clarissa Danielson, Secretary

Steven Whiteman, Member

Louise Mardell

Regrets: Janette Husak, PRC Representative

Call to Order – 12:04 Land Acknowledgement read by Chair and Harassment Policy read by Louise

Review Agenda – move item 7 up to item 4 as Louise has to exit shortly. Moved by Brenda, seconded by Kelsey

Guest Host Vivian Merasty – virtual bannock making session, turned out great, well planned session

Minutes from the Last Meeting read by Clarissa, moved by Brenda, seconded by Kelsey

Election of Vice Chair – Brenda nominates Kelsey, seconded by Vivian, Kelsey accepted. Kelsey Dreaver is the elected Vice Chair by acclamation.

AGM 2021 Reporting Package – Kelsey is required to go to the bank to be set up for signing authority which will be the third person as signing authority.

Chair’s Report – Jennifer Chieh Ho  is a member of the Human Resources group from Winnipeg has contacted Louise to support our RIPC group; Louise connected Prudence with Jennifer who is interested in becoming allies; also Prudence (as the FB group page administrator) has approved Jennifer to be posting to our facebook group. She mentioned that Jennifer has put forth the idea of a starting an online reading club where the group selects an indigenous author’s book to read, review and discuss the book afterwards. 

Vice Chair – newly elected has nothing to report

Treasurer’s Report – Brenda has bank statements from August to present, which she had to go in an request at the bank.  Treasurer has no access to online statements due to no bank card attached to the bank account. Brenda asks the group for advice on whether or not she can get a bank card linked to RIPC account in order to setup online banking to access monthly bank statements. The bank card will not have access to withdraws from account, there will be no changes to how payments will be issued.  Prudence informed the group that pre-covid the monthly statements were being mailed to the PSAC office.  Prudence will seek advice from Louise so as to follow the rules.  Motion was moved by Vivian and seconded by Kelsey.

Round Table:

Prudence – always encourage more people to attend across the province, she introduced our newest member Steven Whiteman. Prudence welcomes any other ideas on how to grow our committee in membership as well as becoming more interactive.

Vivian – sent out reminder emails to her new guests however they were busy out in the communities. She suggests our group to send out email reminders two hours prior to our scheduled meeting to help growth in our membership.  Good idea Vivian!

The rest of the members sent out their holiday wishes to all for a safe and joyous holiday season!

Adjournment – 12:45pm

Next Meeting will be scheduled in January 2022

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