Prince Albert Meeting Minutes-September 15, 2016

Prince Albert and District Area Council
September 15, 2016
Present: France Trembley-Franc, Dave Beeds, Louise Mardell (PSAC staff), Nancy Johnson (PSAC staff), Christina Creosot, Val Remy, Alicia Miller, Melanie Trendocher, Rabia Chaudhari.
Agenda is adopted Motion by Christina, and seconded by Rabia
Funding: Sr. Christina asked how the Area Council gets funding. Sr. Louis spoke on how the area council works and advised people to go to the PSAC website for detailed explanations and the by-laws. She advised that the area council has been in place since 1978. Louise explained that the commitment is to meet 4 times per year. She also explained that this committee works on both political issues, and also projects or events that give back to the community, like senior suppers, habitat for humanity etc.
Sept 28th Town Hall Meeting: Louis confirmed that Chris Aylward and Brea Lewis are coming as guest speakers. Chris will speak on Phoenix and Brea on bargaining. The committee will provide meat, buns, fruit and cheese trays.
Nancy will ask Matthew about starting a facebook page. France will pick up the key to the hall and take some time off work to set up. Christina, Alicia, Val and Rabia agreed to come by 4:30 to help set up.
The question was raised regarding whether non-union members could attend. Louise advised that this event is planned by the Area Council, paid for by PSAC and for PSAC members however regarding phoenix the situation involves everyone and it’s important to garner any support that we can, and we will not turn anyone away from the door.
Sr. Shannon will arrange for the food with Harolds. She will also be the contact for coordination of details between now and the event.
Recruitment: We discussed the frustrations of keeping a meeting alive in a small community. Louise advised that we need to keep our goals focused on keeping the committee healthy but it’s important to not burn our members out. She advised that not all events need to be big one, and that the way to recruit is to just reach out to one other person. In Prince Albert we currently have 4 components and there are enough members to keep a committee viable. Louise challenged each of us to invite one other person to the next meeting and bring a friend to the event.
Union Development Program: We had a discussion about the UDP program and recommended that people apply for the program.
Next Meeting: 5:50 pm on November 15th
Motion to Adjourn Val Seconder Rabia