Prince Albert Meeting Minutes Revised (June 2015)

Prince Albert Meeting Minutes for June 2015

Meeting Commenced: 5:45 pm, JMC Library

In attendance: Denni Ernst, Tim Hogan, Louise Mardell, Melanie Trendocher, France Tremblay-Franc, Trudy Lerat, Shannon Blum.

Anti-Harassment statement was read by Sr. Trendocher.  The coordinator is Sr. Mardell.

National Local Presidents Meeting: Br. Hogan gave a synopsis of the discussion during the National Local Presidents meeting.  He noted that we should encourage our members to discuss with family and friends the types of services that are being lost with the current administration.  We are encouraging everyone to write a letter, or have a meeting with their local MP to discuss our concerns.  For those who are uncomfortable with this, there are speaking notes on the PSAC website, as well as lots of helpful information.  Here is the link ­­­­­­­­­­­­


National Public Service Week: This year we’re telling our membership “Just Say NO”, it’s about respect.  Please don’t participate and be honest about why you aren’t participating.  Sign the “Respect our Rights” petition.  If you have an event, please take a picture and send it to the PSAC regional office.

Resignations: Long standing President of the PAAC Br. Tim Hogan has stepped down due to health reasons; Sr. Trudy Lerat was his alternate and will be taking over as president, effective immediately.  Also Sr. Denni Ernst has moved on to employment outside the public service and so has resigned.  We would like to thank both of these members for their commitment, dedication to our causes and long service, you will both be greatly missed.

Elections: Elections for Alternate Area Council President and Secretary/Treasurer were run by Sr. Louise Mardell.

Signing Authority:  After elections it was unanimously decided that all 3 executive members would have signing authority.

            Vice President: Sr. France Tremblay-Franc elected via acclimation.

            Secretary/Treasurer: Sr. Shannon Blum elected via acclimation.


Meeting Adjourned: approximately 6:45 pm

Next meeting: July 15th, 2015, 5:30 pm at the JMC Library.