Prince Albert Area Council Minutes – October 17, 2018

Prince Albert Area Council Minutes – October 17, 2018

Prince Albert Area Council Minutes – October 17,2018

Prince Albert and District Area Council

October 17, 2018, 5:00 PM

Greenfield’s Restaurant Prince Albert


Present: France Tremblay-Franc –AC Pres., Pennie Young –PRC AC Rep, Marie Stradeski- UNE, Joyce Romanchuk UNE, Marcel Rabut USJE, Louise Mardell – PSAC Rep. 

Regrets: Christina Creusot, AC-VP, Kim Kelly, AC Secretary, Sherry Dearing, AC Treasurer


Meeting called to order by France at approx. 5:15

Anti-Harassment Statement read – Anti-Harassment Resource: Louise Mardell

Agenda: Addition –Education requested by Louise,  Motion to accept Pennie, Seconder-Marcel Carried. 

Review of Minutes: No additions or corrections. Motion to accept- Pennie. Carried. 

Financial Report: As the Treasurer was not in attendance France presented information about the budget on a spread sheet.  Louise will ensure that the treasurer receives the bank statements and ask the exec to take minutes to the bank to make the appropriate signatory changes.  

President’s Report: 

  • France attend the Labour Day Event sponsored by the DCL, she was able to connect with others from unions other than PSAC.  France explained that the event is more about providing food to the needy then celebrating labour. In the future they will look at what events the AC would like to participate in.
  • France has been attempting to set up a lobby meeting regarding Phoenix with Randy Hoback, MP.  France read the request and response.  She had a response from the MP’s office on Sept, 27 with a commitment to set up a meeting, but that has not happened yet.  She will follow up again with his office.  France invited others to participate in the lobby.
  • France also added that the work on the pamphlet and the by-laws has been completed and will be shared later on the agenda.

Motion to accept Pres. Report – moved by Marie and seconded by Joyce.

Phoenix Campaign and lobbying

  • Discussion about the Phoenix campaign and “Here for Canadians” campaign. Information on the web site – Petition, Q & A, Pay Advocates, Collection of Union dues, hardship form. Etc.
  • France distributed “Burnt by Phoenix” –T-shirts to those that committed to workplace events.  
  • “Here for Canada” materials were distributed also distributed by Louise.  
  • Regarding Lobbying –  France explained that if there are people who are willing to share their personal stories that would have a big impact during the MP visit.  Pennie and Marcel would be willing to participate.

Remembrance Day

  • Discussion regarding participating in Remembrance Day events in the community.
  • France will check with the Legion to see about laying a wreath at the event.  Once we have the information the R.O. will send out an email to see who may be available to attend and lay the wreath on behalf of the AC

Revision of Pamphlet

  • The latest revision was shared with those attending.  It was suggested to add current exec. Contact information. It was decided that could be done if we share the template so that changes can be made as needed.  This will be done by the RO

Revision of the by-laws for the AGM

  • France distributed the proposed revised by-laws- these will be sent out prior to the AGM
  • So that the changes can be voted on at that meeting. 

Town Hall

  • France explained the objective of a town hall, the request for funding and her discussion with the REVP.  It was decided to continue to work on this event.  The topics would be an intro of the AC, current PSAC campaigns and a quest speaker/presenter on “Active Shooter” tips.  Louise will ask Jacque to provide contact information for the City Police or RCMP to France.  France will follow up to pursue a date, time and venue.


  • Louise spoke about upcoming Education which can be found on the Prairies web site.
  • Promoting the Education consultation meeting, the Stewards forum etc.


  • Two more meetings are required to be in compliance for 2018. One will be held in November so that planning can be done for the December seasonal celebration and meeting.

Next Meeting – November 14 at 5 p.m. Greenfield’s Restaurant in Prince Albert 

Motion to adjourn – Marcel and Pennie – carried