Prince Albert Area Council Minutes (Nov 21, 2019)

Present: France Tremblay-Franc, Pennie Young, Sherry Dearing, Kimberly Kelly Louise Mardell and Christina Creusot  

Statement of Harassment                                                         

Treaty Acknowledgement

Review of Previous Minutes – Christina’s name was inadvertently spelled incorrectly. S/B Christina Creusot -Motion Christina, 2nd Pennie

Agenda – add committee training – Motion France, 2nd Christina

President’s Report – nothing to report – gave info about conferences where Chris Aylward (UNE Human Rights Conference) and Magali Picard (UNE Women’s Conference) spoke.

Treasurer’s Report – – $1,098.50 in account – Chq #94 to France for AGM meal -balance in account as of Nov 21, 2019 $967.14 -Motion Sherry, 2nd Pennie

PRC Report – – attached – Item to be watched -We would not want to have the area council reps reduced to 3 but keep the geographic reps at 8. The geographic reps don’t have a budget or mandate; therefore, they are not meeting with the committees. This means the area council committees will not have adequate representation -Motion Pennie, 2nd Sherry

New Business:

  • Training was very good.
  • If anyone requires strike training, please reach out to Louise.
  • Training can be lunch & learn or full day.
    • Mobilization of members is important, therefore must get address/phone # and email address of members
    • Invite Louise to AGM’s
    • Important to address projects/goals for this year for our budget

Meeting Adjourned