Prince Albert Area Council Minutes – Jan 30, 2020


JANUARY 30, 2020




Joyce Romanchuck         Dawn Hardy                      Sherry Dearing                 Pennie Young

Kimberly Kelly                  Christina Creusot             Jesse Todd (Via Telephone)

Meeting Chair:                 Joyce Romanchuck

  1. Call to Order – the meeting was called to order at 5:22 p.m.
  2. Treaty #6 Acknowledgement – Read by Joyce
  3. Statement of Harassment – Read by Joyce
  4. Adoption of Previous Minutes – Adopted by Christina, Seconded by Sherry
  5. Business Arising From Previous Minutes:

-Joyce will be attending the Conference in June as President Rep for PAAC. Joyce was selected in October at the Area Council Meeting

-There is going to be a Strike Prep Course offered in the near future due to a lot of talk surrounding the strike subject.Louise offered to come to Prince Albert, but is now off of work.Jesse Todd is acting in her absence.

  1. President’s Report – n/a
  2. Treasurer’s Report – Sherry will do an email to Jesse regarding the approval letter from Marianne, so the budget package can be submitted before the deadline of February 14, 2020.  No money was received last year.  The total balance for PAAC is $967.14 
  3. PRC Report – Pennie will submit a written report at a later date.  Pennie was nominated again to be the rep for PRC.  She will attend the conference in Calgary in February 2020.
  4. New Business:

-The budget was discussed and Sherry is doing up the package for submission to Marianne for approval. We came up with a proposed request of $1,127.86. Adopted by Christina and Seconded by Joyce.

-Telephone conference to Jesse to discuss strike prep.He said a strike before April is unlikely, due to no vote even being called yet.There is a town hall being presented in March in Prince Albert for people to attend.We will be informed of a date once one is definite.

-Mandate was discussed and a few ideas that were presented were Hope’s Home and a wreath on Remembrance Day.It was decided that once we actually receive a budget, we can go more in depth as to what we want to do.

-Active Shooter – no one knows where that session is at, or what is happening with it.Kim will do a follow up email to Jesse to find out.

Adjournment – Meeting adjourned at 6:15.  Next meeting’s tentative date is April 23, 2020.