Prince Albert Area Council Minutes (Jan 12, 2022)


Sherry Dearing                       Louise Mardell                        Joyce Romanchuk                  

Kim Kelly                                Dawn Montgrand                  Christina Creusot

Marianne Hladun

Treaty Acknowledgement

Statement of Harassment

Agenda – AGM discussion bring forward to the Round Table. Adopted by Joyce 2nd by Marianne.

Review of Previous Minutes – The Minutes of November 3, 2021 were reviewed. Adopted by Joyce 2nd by Kim. 

Business Arising From Previous Minutes:

Bank Account Signatures – All authorized signatures have been obtained for the PAAC bank account (at the Credit Union)

Bargaining Update – Bargaining is still ongoing. The PA group was to meet with the employer this week but it was cancelled. However, the bargaining group is still meeting together and working on a proposal.  The bargaining team is making it a priority to move things a long faster, as it’s been a few months since they met with the employer (Sept/Oct).The caucus says that the reserves are to be dealt with – which means issues already in the presentations, so no new issues can now be brought forward.  There hasn’t been a lot of progress with the Treasury Board, unfortunately.  The next scheduled session is set for February. Marianne noted that it is a hard situation right now for showing support to our bargaining team, due to COVID. No rallies or gatherings.  However, there has been discussion of doing a zoom session with a Q & A for members and the bargaining team.

Louise advised that a strategy committee needs to be put in place. (In Saskatoon)

The Treasury Board needs to recognize that during the pandemic, public servants have continued to support Canadians, and the economy has had extensive inflation costs, therefore a salary increase needs to be recognized.  The team is asking for 4.5% per year for 3 years.

There has been talk from the Treasury Board of work force adjustment.  The team is trying to communicate that if it happens, it indeed needs to be fair.

Telework agreements are also being discussed. The Treasury Board needs to be responsible for paying for proper work stations, internet, ergonomic assessments, etc.

PRC Representative Update – Dawn has an upcoming meeting in February. At her meeting in December, they talked about her purpose on the committee – and it is to connect with locals in her geographical area to try to reach out to more members.  Dawn is going to send out emails.  She is on the finance committee as well and they are looking to RO for additional funding.  The bylaw committee (which she also sits on) is currently working on updating the current bylaws.

Addition to Agenda: AGM – The AGM must be held in the first quarter of the year, each year (so BEFORE March 31st). The meeting also must be posted 2 weeks in advance with a reminder a couple of days prior.

2021 Financial Report – there are no changes to the reporting package and budget request this year.  The financial statement and budget form from each meeting must be submitted with the package. Reminders will be sent out to all committees by the end of January. The budget package must be in my March 15, 2022.  Sherry has everything that she needs to start on the package.

Looking for ideas or input for the budget. Ideas can be ongoing, it doesn’t have to be included in the financial report, however; the sooner the better as there is only so much funding available.  Kim mentioned resurrecting the brochure that was created a while ago.

Round Table – Louisespoke of PSAC education. The participation for December was low, so they are looking at doing a theme each month as to workshops or half day seminars/classes rather than always being on line or zoom.  If anyone has any ideas, please let her know. 

February 24, 2022 is Health & Safety schedule for virtual training through PSAC. Reminder that you can check PSAC’s website for all upcoming courses.

Income Tax – is the deduction that was allowed last year, for working from home, still going to be an option for employees to claim as a deduction on their tax return again this year? Marianne advised that is up to Canada Revenue Agency, not the employer. There is some information on the CRA website.  It was mentioned that a lunch and learn with an employee of CRA to inform employees would be a great idea.  Also a great way to connect with members!

Hiring Practices – it was discussed that some of the rules or practices are getting out of control during the pandemic.  Unless the employer is ‘called on it’ according to Marianne, they are going to keep doing it and getting away with it.  If the term is 4 months less a day, they have the right to choose whomever they want for that position. Unless they are called out or a grievance is filed, they will continue to abuse the rules and regulations.  

Classification Conversion – the procedures need to be gone through for reclassifying staff.  There is talk of some people getting reclassified through the merge into ISC. It is good for the ones that are getting reclassified up, but what is the procedure if you are reclassified down?  This is something that needs to be brought up with your local component to find out.

Schedule of Next Meeting – February 16, 2022 at 7:00 p.m. via zoom.  This will be the AGM.

Adjournment – 8:57 p.m. Adopted by Sherry 2nd by Kim.