Prince Albert Area Council Meeting Minutes (July 15, 2015)

Meeting Minutes for Prince Albert Area Council

July 15, 2015

Meeting Commenced: 5:30 pm, JMC Library
In attendance: Louise Mardell, France Tremblay-Franc, Trudy Lerat, Shannon Blum
Anti-Harassment statement was reviewed by Sr. Louise Mardell.  The coordinator is Sr. Shannon Blum.
Previous Minutes:  The minutes from June were accepted with recommended revisions.  A revised version will be released on the PSAC website when completed.
Budget:  The budget proposal for this year that Sr. Shannon Blum prepared and sent to the PSAC Regional Office was reviewed by the committee and unanimously approved.
Political Action Planning:  The committee had active dialog on creating some viable plans for political action in the near future.  It was decided that the Area Council would host an information session in September – date TBD.  Information on better choices, “one vote counts”, and discussion points would be distributed, pizza supper provided and a guest speaker invited.  Complete plans will be submitted to the PSAC upon completion.

Meeting Adjourned: approximately 7:00 pm

Next meeting: To be announced at the JMC Library.