Prince Albert Area Council Meeting Minutes December 6, 2022


Sherry Dearing           Joyce Romanchuk      Kimberly Kelly        

Statement of Harassment                                                         

Treaty Acknowledgement

Adoption of Agenda  – Motion by Sherry 2nd  by Kim

Review of Previous Minutes – Motion by Kim 2nd by Sherry

President’s Report – review of the Area Council’s year:

Active Shooter presentation – Joyce had contacted PAPS several times and to this date has had no response;                                                                                                                                  Moon Time Sisters – supplies were donated, purchased, collected and delivered. Also a donation was given from union members of aprx $1360.00)                                                                                                         Remembrance Day – a wreath was purchased on behalf of the AC                                                          Food Bank donations were brought to the AC Meeting today.   Motion to accept the report by Kim 2nd by Sherry

Treasurer’s Report – please see attached – Motion to accept by Joyce 2nd by Kim

New Business – Discussion was had as to how to attract new members as the executive have reached out several times and have had no response or new members

Round Table – Executive is going to reach out to Randy Hobak regarding the issue of no contract, no bargaining progress, etc;                                                                                                 Paying of the bill ($131.84 which included the room rental of $50.00 plus tax). Motion made by Kim , 2nd  by Sherry;                                                                                                                                   AGM date was tentatively chosen as January 25, 2023

Meeting Adjourned 6:20 pm