Prince Albert Area Council Meeting (March 18, 2009)

Prince Albert Area Council      March 18, 2009

In attendance: Andre Paul- Local 40107 National Component, Nick Markowsky-Local 40023 USGE, Denni Nelson-Local 40027 NHW, Carolyn Haroulakis-Local 40023, Gerald Wiegers-Local 40023, Louise Mardell-Saskatoon PSAC Regional Office.

Minutes of last meeting required the following changes: addition of Denni Nelson to attendance, November minutes amended to show Carolyn Haroulakis in attendance, and not Carol.  MOVED: Gerald. SECONDED: Nick

Business arising from last meeting minutes:                                                    Louise spoke to Deanna Kimball in Robyn Benson’s office about a missing cheque.  It is going to be reissued.

Gerald and Denni met to discuss changes to the bylaws.  A couple of questions arose regarding auditing statements.  Louise clarified that yes, statements must be audited yearly, but can be done by 2 council members and does not have to be an outside paid party.  A discussion about charging dues ensued.  Only 7 locals would be paying dues and so the committee would vote on this when all the bylaw changes have been made and presented.

Andre has made contact with his daughter to request contacts regarding Bill C-10.

Gerald met with Shirley Klassen regarding National Day of Mourning (April 28th), and lying of wreaths.  All locals must be affiliated with the PA & District Labour Council to participate.  Fay  Hill is the new president of the PAADLC and it was agreed that Andre would draft an invitation to our next meeting to discuss affiliation.

Denni will re-create meeting minutes from January 14th Area council meeting that was held 5:30 at the JMC.

Another planning meeting for the Habitat for Humanity needs to be held.

Adoption of Agenda: Additions: Bill C10, Education, Saskatoon trip, PRC report, Bruce Power presentation.

            MOVED: Denni – with additions


Financial Report- unavailable as Rob is absent tonight.

Regional Women’s Committee:                                                                      Andre’s local held a noon lunch in support of International women’s Day

The RWC met in February and discussed Bill C-10.  Louise was present and  brought with her the desk drop flyers and bookmarks with information onthe back about the PA RWC and contact numbers for chairpersons.

The committee discussed the ICE presentation and Tools for Schools.

Members were given tasks to action to further these events.

This year’s allocation has not arrived, Denni to contact Robyn’s office.

Correspondence:                                                                                               Gerald brought forward correspondence from John Gordon in response to Bill C-10.

The group questioned the reasonableness of the double standard where MP’sreceived an increase in pay of about 7% where as wages are now beingrolled back for public servants. What can we do about this?Saskatoon Area Council forwarded a summary of their activities for the past year.

Bill C-10:

            Gerald and Carolyn went to Saskatoon to prepare the mail outs surrounding the Bill C-10 issue.  A great turnout with about 15 people there, and they were done ahead of schedule, due to Patti and Louise having done much advance preparation. It was great to see so many people rally in a crunch.  It was a good networking and solidarity building event, and pizza lunch

Bruce Power: 

Gerald attended the nuclear energy presentation and feels this may be the next large issue for our group to tackle.

Gerald will be attending the Relationship Terrorism presentation in North Battleford-he is doing it as personal develop training and as a PRC rep. He will report back to the committee as we still may want to partner with the RWC and Victims Services to bring the presentation here.


The next TUB training is being held April 17-19 and the next LOT will be May 7-10.  Louise mentioned that training will likely be held in PA as most of the participants responding were from PA. TUB and Grievance handling

Courses will be a hybrid so as to address members who may not be ready for more advanced training.

PRC Report:

Nancy Johnson, PRC representation and education committee member irecruiting for Prairie Region School.

Gerald attended the PRC in Winnipeg and brought back much information.

There is to be an OHS conference in Regina Sept 25-27.

There is a bylaw review occurring, providing an opportunity for feedback.  Andre wonders if perhaps it is not redundant, as the deadline to submit to the convention has passed.

Gerald brought up the CLC pension fight.  In the PSAC budget there were no dues increases proposed.  Gerald met with a political committee and discussed nuclear energy.  The National Day of Action is coming up and First Nations water issue are on the forefront.  Although it may be the Assembly of First Nations who should take the lead; we feel we should be involved somehow.

Gerald passed around a newspaper article with starting world water statistics and concerns.  The “Boiling Point’ video put out by PSAC was introduced.

Preparation for the youth (30 and under): it is very important to get youth involved. Gerald plans to recruit youth from his local to take part in PRC.

Gerald is going to Calgary to attend a leadership Conference.

Elections: Vice –president election postponed to next meeting due to insufficient turnout.  Denni was nominated and will let her name stand at the next meeting, but will have to either perform both vice-president and secretary (if elected) or find a replacement for the position of secretary.


                                     PIZZA SUPPER PROVIDED