Prince Albert Area Council AGM Minutes

Minutes from the September 30, 2013 Prince Albert & District AGM Minutes

Prince Albert and District Area Council
Annual General Membership Meeting

September 30, 2013
John M. Cuelenaere Library

In attendance:
Tim Hogan USGE
Trudy Lerat UNE
Rachelle Gareau UNE (Parks)
Louise Mardell PSAC Rep 

Review of Previous Minutes with updates as follows:
RAPC round dance – did not make the Guinness Book as the event was classified as a human chain (current record is approx. 6000).  However, it was the largest event of its kind, and a huge success. 

Tub course was rescheduled for Nov. 15 & 16, 2013 

Motion to accept minutes with updates – Moved by Sister Lerat and Seconded by Sister Gareau

Current Agenda  

-Louise provided an update on the education plans

Group discussion on need for Convention Prep and Admin duties for Committees and Locals

-Group discussion on the Video Project – released Sept. 27th – encouraged members to view and was suggested these could be shared in many ways (i.e. shown at local meetings etc.) 

Trudy gave a verbal report from RAPC – Steak Night fund-raiser for the Youth Conference; Steak Night will be Sunday November 3rd at Bugsy’s 5-7:30pm with raffles and 50/50 draw.

Will wrap up the fundraiser Raffle for the Round Dance at this event as well.
Report moved as tabled by Sister Lerat
Seconded by Brother Hogan – carried 

Tim gave info regarding the PRC – meeting will be held in Winnipegon October 19-20th.  If members have issues that they want to bring to the PRC, please contact Tim. 

Election of Area Council Officers
Written nomination of Dallas Auger as Treasurer submitted by Brother Daigneault – Seconded by Brother Hogan
No further nominations – Nomination accepted by Brother Auger
Brother Auger declared the new Treasurer 

Nomination for the position of 1st Vice Pres.
Trudy Lerat nominated by Brother Hogan and Seconded by Sister Gareau
No further nominations – Sister Lerat accepted Nomination
Sister Lerat declared 1st Vice Pres

Nomination for the position of Area Council Pres
Tim Hogan nominated by Sister Lerat, seconded by Sister Gareau
No further nominations – Brother Hogan accepted the nomination
Brother Hogan declared President 

There were no nominations for the position of Secretary.  Duties will be rotated amongst attendees until such time as the position is filled.

Elections closed – Oath of Office to take place at next meeting when Brother Auger is present. 

Group discussion regarding recruitment of membership to the Area Council – This will be on the agenda for the next meeting

Next Meeting to be held at the library on November 28th at 5:15
(notice to be sent out and posted asap) 

Motion to Adjourn – Brother Hogan
Seconded by Sister Lerat – Carried