Prince Albert Area Council AGM Minutes (Sept 18, 2019)

Present: France Tremblay-Franc, Pennie Young, Kimberly Kelly, Sherry Dearing, Shannon Blum, Louise Mardell and Christina Creusot 

Statement of Harassment                                                         

Treaty Acknowledgement

Review of Previous Minutes – June 19, 2019 – Motion to Adopt – Pennie; 2nd –Christina.  No business arising from Minutes

Agenda – addition of committee training and upcoming federal election – Motion to Adopt – France, 2nd – Sherry

President’s Report – Motion to Adopt – France; 2nd – Sherry

Treasurer’s Report – No changes from last report – Motion to Adopt Sherry; 2nd – Kim

Review of Budget Request – Motion to Adopt – Pennie; 2nd – Kim

PRC Report – Pennie (will submit written report at a later date) Motion to Adopt – Pennie; 2nd – Kim

Bylaw Amendments – Motion to Adopt – Sherry; 2nd – Kim


President/Chair                             Joyce Romanchuk

Nominated – Christina; 2nd – Shannon

Vice President                                Christina Creusto

                                                            Nominated – France; 2nd – Pennie

Treasurer                                         Sherry Dearing

                                                            Nominated – Kim; 2nd – Pennie

Secretary                                         Kimberly Kelly

                                                            Nominated – Christina; 2nd – Sherry

All Acclaimed

Oath of Offic e – administered by Louise

PSAC  Convention – Joyce was elected as delegate. Alternate 1 – Christina, 2nd – Kim, 3rd – Sherry

Training –  PRC Financial Training Session November 7 & 8 in Saskatoon.  Kim, Sherry and Christina will attend

Federal Election – Louise will send out a recap of tonight’s phone call

Next Meeting to be held November 21, 2019 after the training session.  All in agreement to bring at least one person to the next meeting.  Location TBA.

Meeting Adjourned (6:30 p.m.)