Prince Albert Area Council AGM Minutes (Feb 16, 2022)


Sherry Dearing                     Kim Kelly                  Louise Mardell

Vivian Merasty                    Sarah Griffin             Joyce Romanchuk

Treaty Acknowledgement

Statement of Harassment


The agenda was presented to those present at the meeting. 

Joyce made a motion to accept the agenda, 2nd by Kim

Review of the Previous Minutes

The minutes of January 12, 2022 were reviewed. 

Joyce made a motion to accept the previous minutes, 2nd by Vivian


The election for President, Secretary and Treasurer were administered by Louise.

  • President: Joyce Romanchuk was nominated by Sherry and 2nd by Vivian
  • Joyce accepted the nomination and was acclaimed.
  • Secretary: Kim Kelly was nominated by Sherry and 2nd by Vivian
  • Kim accepted the nomination and was acclaimed.
  • Treasurer: Sherry Dearing was nominated by Joyce and 2nd by Vivian
  • Sherry accepted the nomination and was acclaimed.

Louise called for nominations three times. No new nominations were presented.  All position nomination were accepted and acclaimed. The oath was taken by all parties. Louise will send the Oath of Office form electronically.  Each person will print, sign, have the form witness and return it to Louise.

Treasurer’s Report:

  • There was very little activity in the bank account this year due to the pandemic. 
  • Only one cheque was written for $60.00 to the PA Poppy Fund (Prince Albert Canadian Legion) for the purchase of a wreath for Remembrance Day. 
  • The balance of the account as of December 21, 2021 is $907.14
  • Joyce made a motion to accept the Financial Statement , 2nd by Kim.

2022 Activities/Budget

  • Remembrance Day Wreath – $60.00
  • Active Shooter Presentation – $350 ($200 honorarium & $150 venue)
  • Moon Time Sisters – $150 (collection of donations, purchase of items & postage)
  • Walk for Missing Indigenous Women and Girls (joint with RIPC)
  • Pride Parade – $100
  • Seasonal Event – $200

New Business/Round Table

  • The Prince Albert Area Council would like to set a date to receive lobbying training.  Louise asked that a request is sent to her with a date and it could be scheduled.  The training takes approximately 2 – 3 hours and loss of salary could be paid. 
  • Dawn Montgrant had received a list of Locals and their contacts, however the list was out of date. 
  • Joyce to send Jacquie Maurice at the Saskatoon Regional Office an email requesting the list.  She will likely need to get the REVP’s approval to release the information.
  • Hopefully the up-to-date list may allow us to get involvement from other PSAC Locals. 
  • Does PSAC know how long people can stay on LWOP due to the mandatory vaccination policy?  Is this something that could be being discussed at the bargaining common issues table?  Joyce to send the question to Marianne Hladun and cc Louise. 

Adjournment – 8:42 p.m. Adopted by Sherry, 2nd by Joyce.