Prince Albert and District Area Council Meeting Minutes – October 13, 2020

Prince Albert and District Area Council Meeting

October 13, 2020, 5:00 pm – via Skype/Teleconference


Christina Creusot                   Sherry Dearing                       Lousie Mardell

Joyce Romanchuk                  Pennie Young                         Regrets from Kim Kelly

Treaty Acknowledgement

Statement of Harassment

Agenda – Motion Christina, 2nd Sherry

Review of Previous Minutes – The minutes of June 24, 2020 were reviewed, however January 30, 2020 meeting minutes are still not available. 

  • Joyce to follow-up with Marianne Hladun regarding a copy of the committee’s 2019 submission being sent to Saskatoon Regional Office.
  • Discussion took place regarding the ratification votes/collective agreements/etc.
  • All TB collective agreements have been ratified – with Parks and CFIA voting to be completed by the end of October
  • Not sure when agreements will be signed due to virtual signing
  • CRA has not made a decision regarding whether the Phoenix payment will be tax free or not
  • This payment was a one-time lump sum payment to everyone, however past and/or ongoing issues could be eligible for more compensation
  • If someone is experiencing Phoenix issues, ask them to contact the Saskatoon PSAC office.
  • Discussion with respect to 699 codes for leave
  • Inconsistency with application of leave
  • Best to have documentation regarding the policy/rules of 699 leave in writing from employer
  • If a member is having difficulties, contact the Saskatoon RO.

Motion to Adopt Minutes from June 24, 2020 Meeting

  • Sherry made the motion to adopt, 2nd Christina

Round Table


  • Has accepted a 3 month term position in Saskatoon.  If the position is extended or becomes permanent, Louise has asked Pennie to inform the committee, as a new PA Area Council and PRC will need to be found. 


  • Jacquie has been away for the past few months dealing with some personal/family issues.
  • Temporary staff has not been consistent, therefore please cc Louise on all correspondence to Saskatoon RO.  If you don’t get a response to your email, email or call Louise directly on her cell.
  • PSAC staff are still working from home.  They have a Regional and National team working on a Return to the Workplace plan.
  • If you have an issue, feel free to contact Louise directly at any time. 


  • Thank you to all PSAC staff that facilitated, organized and assisted in bringing the members all the training webinars and information over the past several months.  It is greatly appreciated by all.

Scheduling of next meeting – Wednesday, November 18, 2020 @ 7:00 pm via Skype

Meeting adjourned