Prince Albert and District Area Council Meeting Minutes (May 30, 2023)

May 30, 2023, 7:00 pm – via Zoom/Teleconference

Membership in Attendance

Dawn Montgrant, Shaina Ledoux, Myra Daignealt, Rachelle Deault, Trina Magis, Marissa Buote

Jesse Todd (PSAC Rep, standing in for Jacqueline Maurice)

1. Call to Order – 7:18pm by Dawn – Motion by Shaina, Second by Rachelle

  • Originally scheduled for April 25th, postponed until May 30th.

2. Treaty Acknowledgement

3. Statement of Harassment

4. Adoption of Agenda – Motion by Marissa, second by Shaina

5. Review of Previous Minutes – Mar 7, 2023
– Name changes Shayna to Shaina and Montgrand to Montgrant
– Need to correct wording: Shaina should have been designated as delegate, not alternate, for the 2023 Triennial Convention. This may have affected acceptance outside of denial for work leave to attend.

  • Adoption of minutes with changes motioned for by Shaina, second by Trina. 

6. Treasures Report/Financial Statement – Sherry submitted the Financial Statement for 2022.  Resent the 2022 pdf to Dawn, the 2023 version was the same.

7. Discussion

  • Spoke about the prior and potential future donation to Moontime Sisters.
  • Ideas for how to gain meeting attendance: Strike gave us the most up to date contact information we’ve had for our membership.
    • Attain contact for regional office – to ask Jacqueline Maurice for contact.
    • Rachelle – Ulink troubles
    • Dawn – may have Feb 2023 list of the Local presidents. Will touch base and network at triennial convention.
    • Mandate? Copy of leaflet (Dawn) to go with minutes to membership
      • 21,000 members – AB, SK, MB
      • Bylaws – Jesse
      • Dawn to reach out for an update – supporting locals.
    • Pride Week – Jesse mentioned a PA celebration is Jun 3rd weekend. Saskatoon has events planned for Jun 17th weekend. Would like to be more involved, have PAAC pay the $5 membership to be an ally for Pride Week, and potentially a $100 donation.
    • Red Dress Day – Shaina – feels this particular event means a lot to the Prince Albert community. Would have to get involved more for next year as was held May 5th. Dawn mentioned could possibly get a member of the campaign/committee to speak at a future meeting.

8. Business Arising from Previous Minutes: ELECTIONS – held by Jesse

  • Elections were held for the executive positions of Vice President and Secretary. The nominations were called three (3) times for each position. 
  • Dawn nominated Marissa Buote for VP. Shaina second. Accepted, Acclaimed
  • Shaina nominated Trina for secretary. Trina declined.
    • Secretary position remains vacant, future meeting minutes taking to be shared among executive members.
    • Oath of Office was administered, and vice president was sworn in.

9. New Business – Nothing heard, moving on.

10. Round Table

  • Strike plan – Shaina – interested in clearing up the pre-strike communication/planning with the recent strike so clear in everyone’s minds. Jesse mentioned the pre-strike webinars, in person meetings, communication trees. Shaina clarified she was looking for a document that everyone could reference and be on the same page, hopefully prior to the next strike.
  • Workers Can’t Wait site – Dawn – this site was intended to be used by union members for better communication. However, there were a number of Sasktel customer connection issues when people went to download their ratification kits. This had members upset and looking to have technical issues like this address earlier in the process. Jesse to communicate to PSAC.
  • Strike Survey – Rachelle – Best Practices/How We Could Improve ideas? Especially with the strike so recent. Jesse mentioned PSAC had something in the works. Also raised the points that a Prince Albert Local had to deal with some Accommodation and Strike Pay issues.

11. PSAC Education Schedule – Dawn – nothing past May 2023? Jesse mentioned how the schedule usually slows down for the summer months, more to come for fall/September. Convention – New member Orientation delivery by Caroline. Would be a great time to offer a Talking Union Basics (TUB) course to utilize current union interest. Jesse will mention something to Jacqueline Maurice.

12. Schedule next meeting – September 12, 2023, at 7:15 p.m.; Minutes to be taken by Dawn Montgrant

13. Adjournment – 8:33 p.m. Adopted by Marissa, 2nd by Shaina