Prince Albert AC Mtg Minutes (Sept 26 2011)

Attendance: Denni Nelson, Tim Hogan, Dallas Auger, Tracy Burton, Frank MacGregor, Adam Pidwerbeski, Louise Mardell, Debbie Taylor

Prince Albert & Area Council

September 26, 2011

John M. Cuelenaere Public Library

Attendance: Denni Nelson, Tim Hogan, Dallas Auger, Tracy Burton, Frank MacGregor, Adam Pidwerbeski, Louise Mardell, Debbie Taylor

  1. Prior meeting minutes will be reviewed at next meeting
  2. Old business arising from minutes:
  3. Finances
    1. BBQ for Labour Day = $500
    2. Hotel rooms
    3. Financial Report – Sr.Taylor

                                                               i.      Sr. Burton moved report as read seconded by Br. Hogan

  1. Delegates to Tri-annual Convention – notice for delegates
    1. Call for nominations Sr. Mardell

                                                               i.      Sr. Nelson – nominated by Br. Hogan

Seconded by Br. Pidwerbeski

all in favour – nomination accepted

  1. Call for alternate

                                                               i.      Br. Hogan nominated by Br. Pidwerbeski

                                                             ii.      Seconded by Sr. Nelson

                                                            iii.      Carried

  1. Don’t Cut Me Campaign – reminder – Sr.Nelson
    1. Sr. Mardell – Workforce adjustment – Environment 54 positions being cut in this region
  2. PRC Update: Leadership meeting,
  3. provincial election
    1. Sr. Nelson will submit a budget for campaign blitz for members to travel to Saskatoon, – 1000 members in PA & Area – will be submitted to REVP R. Benson – mobilization
  4. town hall meeting
    1. Letter sent out  by Jeffrey Vallis to PRC members dated September 12, 2011

Invitation to participate in SFL Labour Issues campaign coordinator Tina Vickovic

                                                               i.      Labour Issue Campaign – telephone town hall – November 1, 2011

Questions developed for submission recorded by Sr. Nelson

Ideas for poll questions – questions can be worded to be poll questions

  1. Prairies on patrol – initiative Sr. Mardell explained this initiative and how mobilizing our resources and members can strengthen communications and have a large impact on moving the issues forward
  2. Leadership meeting – October 27,2011 – in Saskatoon, to strategize on

                                                               i.      Develop steward forums – how to help with this campaign in the locals

                                                             ii.      Action Plan – attacks on membership pensions and benefits

1.       Take letters to local businesses & residents – support public services – ask them to sign postcard and mail it – report who was visited and what results were from the local

  1. DLC – request to partner with them to have an all candidate forum – expenses will be included in budget for  LWOP for members to participate – mobilization of PSAC members
  2. APSAR
    1. The need to provide information for members retiring
  3. New Business
  4. Next Meeting

·         October 13, 2011

NOTE – Minutes from Prince Albert & District Area Council Meeting June 21, 2011, were forwarded by Sr. Nelson and will be reviewed at October 13th PA & District Area Council Meeting.