Pride 2019 – Activities on the Prairies

Members of our union family,

My name is Chris Little-Gagné and I am your elected LGBTQ2+ Representative on the Prairie Region Council. Below is very important information that can be used to engage with our members and our communities.

May 17th is the International Day against Homophobia, Transphobia and Biphobia.  The 2019 campaign has yet to be announced, so continue to visit to get great information or print off posters. This site will help gain tools and activities on diversity and inclusion at your workplace. (Digital information should be available soon.) The past campaigns have been:

2018 : Rights in the world                                    2017 : No matter the gender

2016 : Homophobia affects all ages                    2015 : Allies show their colors

2014 : Homoparentality                                       2013 : Fighting homophobia online

2012 : Diversity at work pays off                         2011 : Same sex couples

2010 : Homophobia in sports                              2008 : Homosexuality is not a disease

2007 : Sexual orientation is not a choice             2006 : Homophobia is hiding

2005 : Presumed heterosexual                            2004 : War against homophobia

2003 : Shocking ? Only for homophobes

As we are currently entering the Pride season, below are the current events. Please let us know what PSAC committees and members are doing to show support. We would love to share photos of local pride events on the PSAC Prairies website. You can let Thomas Linner know at




I would like to remind everyone of the great PSAC campaigns (Child Care and Pharmacare).  These campaigns do affect the LGBTQ2+ community as well and there could be some great tie-ins and support from the community if approached. Please contact me if you are looking at gaining more information about the Positive Space initiative and how you can bring diversity and inclusion for LGBTQ2+ members to your local/workplace.

I am working with Canadian Virtual Hospice. They are developing online palliative care and grief support tools to meet a variety of needs for LGBTQ2+ patients, partners, families, caregivers, and their care providers across Canada.

They are looking for people in these communities who have had personal experiences navigating the healthcare system when it comes to advanced illness, and who are willing to share their stories or add their voices to help others, through our award-winning online tools.   

They are asking people to share their personal perspectives, experiences and insights as they develop these support tools.  

‎If you are interested in being a part of this project or would simply like some more information, please feel free to get in touch with us at Canadian Virtual Hospice.


In Solidarity,


Christopher Little-Gagné
LGBTQ2+ Prairies Representative

Prairie Region Council