PRC Minutes (Nov. 18-19, 2011)


Meeting minutes from the November 18-19, 2011 Prairie Region Council Meeting in Saskatoon, SK.

November 18 & 19, 2011
Saskatoon SK


Robyn Benson, REVP Prairies
Marianne Hladun, Alternate REVP
Imy Bhatty, Racially Visible representative
Amanda-Rose Bourget, Youth Representative
Shaun Brennand, Regina Area Council Representative
Jerad Cooper, Northern Alberta Representative
Alex George, Aboriginal Representative
Alec Goertzen, Calgary Area Council Representative
Tim Hogan, Prince Albert Area Council Representative
Timothy Hunt, GLBT Representative
Nancy Johnson, RWC Representative
Glen Johnston, North West Manitoba Representative
Chad Kemery, Separate Employer Representative
Nina Kiviluoma, Edmonton Area Council Representative
Fran Mohr, Directly Chartered Locals Representative
Denni Nelson, Northern Saskatchewan Representative
Jackie Nettleton, Saskatoon Area Council Representative
Susan Norman, Westman Area Council Representative
Matt Tijani, Winnipeg Area Council Representative
Steve Van Opstal, Southern Saskatchewan Representative


Dave Burchell, Persons with Disabilities Representative
Gloria Kelly, South East Manitoba Representative
Kevin King, Southern Alberta Representative
David Pearson, Lethbridge Area Council Representative

1. Call to Order: November 18, 2011

The meeting was called to order by Sister Robyn Benson at 9:05 am. 

2. Adoption of Agenda

The agenda was adopted.

3. Hours of Session

The hours of session were adopted.

4. Opening Remarks

Sister Robyn Benson welcomed Brother Steve Van Opstal, South Sask Rep, who replaced Sister Jennifer Borean who resigned from the position.

5. Approval of Minutes

The minutes were circulated and approved:

a) August 26 & 27, 2011 Winnipeg MB

6. Finances  

The January 1 – September 30, 2011 Financial Statement was approved.

Order of the Day:

The Members’ Plan

Sister Sarah Belanger, Political Assistant to the AEC, presented the Members’ Plan and gathered feedback from the Prairie Region Council.  This feedback was filmed for possible use at the 2012 Triennial Convention.

Joint Learning Program

Sister Carol Casey provided an overview of the JLP, outlining the courses offered.  They also train facilitators and applications can be submitted online.  She asked that the Council go back to their workplaces and try to get workshops. 

7. Reports of Elected PRC Officers

The reports were circulated and approved by the Council and can be found at Appendix A:

Additions to reports:

  • Brother Brennand added that the Regina Area Council was involved in the school supplies campaign and gathered supplies for Rancho.
  • Brother Goertzen participated in a picket line with the Carpenters Union in Calgary as well as a steward network webinar.
  • Sister Mohr announced her upcoming retirement and advised this will be her last PRC meeting.  She thanked the Council.
  • Brother Hunt clarified that the acronym BSO in his report means Border Services Officer.
  • Brother Bhatty and co-workers participated in the Occupy Edmonton event on October 22 with the PSAC banner.
  • Sister Johnson has planned an event for December 6th in Saskatoon with community organizations.
  • Sister Benson has been invited to speak at the AFL Women’s Committee December 6th brunch.

8. Agenda Items

(a) Committees – submitted by Sr. Robyn Benson

Sister Benson asked the Council to provide their top choices for PRC Committees on a sheet of paper.  Sisters Hladun and Benson will review the request and slot into committees. 

The committees will be:

  • Education

Br. Shaun Brennand
Br. Tim Hogan
Br. Kevin King

  • Health & Safety

Br. Alec Goertzen
Sr. Gloria Kelly
Sr. Nancy Johnson

  • Finance

Sr. Denni Nelson
Sr. Petrina Runns

  • Communications

Br. Glen Johnston
Br. Imy Bhatty
Br. David Pearson
Br. Dave Burchell

  • Convention

Br. Matt Tijani
Sr. Amanda-Rose Bourget
Br. Alex George
Br. Jerad Cooper

(b) Campaigns– submitted by Sr. Robyn Benson

Council members provided an update on the out reach they have been doing in regards to awareness on different camapigns this included calls to Local Presidents, posting on Union boards.  There has been a lot of information disappearing off the boards.  Brother Vallis will create a poster to post on boards outlining the recent decision that allows for posting.

(c) WFA Terms – submitted by Sr. Robyn Benson

There will be a WFA webinar coming.  Sister Benson asked the Council to continue to talk about in their workplaces and keep her informed of what is happening in the workplace.

(d) Writing Council Reports – submitted by Sr. Robyn Benson

The Council was provided with a document on how to write reports.  It can assist with reports for future meetings.

(e) Daycare Contacts – submitted by Sr. Nina Kiviluoma

Finding licensed childcare providers for PRC meetings is proving to be a challenge.  We have an agreement with Knox in Winnipeg but we need to go back into our communities to seek out options for the other cities.  Sister Nancy Johnson will touch base with the Regional Women’s Committees to assist with researching licensed childcare providers.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

9. Media/Lobby Training

Brother Jeffrey Vallis provided media/lobby training to the Council through a variety of exercises.

Meeting adjourned at 12:00 pm.