PRC Letter: Day Against Homophobia


Timothy Hunt, Prairie Region Council GLBT Rep, writes a letter to acknowledge the International Day Against Homophobia.

Dear Brothers and Sisters:

Re:  2011 – International Day Against Homophobia

As in previous years, a new annual campaign has been announced for the International Day Against Homophobia.  This year’s campaign themed “Same-sex Couple –– A Story of Love” is subtle, but very strong. As this is sanctioned and supported by the PSAC nationally, please feel free to display the brochures and posters in your workplace. 

All to often, people perceive being gay or lesbian in a narrow way in which sexual orientation is reduced to its simplest form – sex. But just as with the opposite-sex couples, same-sex couples form out of emotions and romantic feelings, since a lasting relationship cannot be based on sexuality alone.

On this day and every day that follows, we must join together, Brothers and Sisters, to take action against discrimination and continue to educate ourselves and our coworkers, family and friends on what we can do to ensure that our workplaces and our communities are barrier free and free from discrimination.

For more information on the International Day Against Homophobia including such topics as defining roles, couples and rights, and children of same-sex couples, visit

In Pride and Solidarity,

Timothy Hunt
GLBT – Representative
PSAC – Prairies