PRC Conference Call Minutes

PRC Conference Call Monday, October 2, 2017

PRC Conference Call Monday, October 2, 2017


Attended: Sandra Ahenakew, Satinder Bains, Chris Beaton, Shannon Blum, Phillip Chan, Alec Goertzen, Tim Hubick, Valerie Illingworth, Frank Janz, Glen Johnston, Deb Kosteniuk, Michelle Lang, Stasi L’Hirondelle, Christopher Little-Gagne, Gus Mardli, Michael Weisgerber, Pennie Young, Marianne Hladun, Michael Smith (Chair of Committee)

Had to leave call: Kristy Slattery, Shaun Atilano

Staff: Tom Milne, Alison Davis

Regrets: Evelyn Jackson, Krysty Munns

Absent: Ryan Zacharias


Call to order:

Call to order by Sr. Hladun at 7:05 p.m.

Sr. Marianne Hladun explains that she received a complaint per Section 25 of the PSAC Constitution. She struck an Investigation Committee and they did an investigation and prepared the report which was sent out to the PRC. The report needs to be accepted and then there will be discussion and a vote(s) on any motion(s) put forward. She advises that there are four options for the recommendation: it can be accepted, amended, rejected or sent to the NBoD for a decision. If a suspension is recommended, then it must go to the NBoD for approval. There is an appeal process. She advises that Brother Michael Smith is the chair of the committee and will present the report and answer any questions.

m/s Stasi L’Hirondelle Chris Beaton

Motion to accept the Investigation Committee report (see Appendix A).



Br. Michael Smith presents the report in its entirety and answers questions. He clarifies that the committee was finalized on September 5, 2017 (several changes in investigators required due to component conventions and the Winnipeg Airport strike). Parties were contacted between September 11-14, 2017. Interviews were held, in Winnipeg, September 14-15, 2017. Br. Ballendine was given an extension until noon on September 20, 2017 to provide a written submission. The complaints were both filed on June 2, 2017. Investigation Committee recommendation is for a 1 year suspension. Br. Michael Smith left the call at 9:33 pm after presenting the report and answering questions.


m/s Alec Goertzen Frank Janz

Motion to suspend Greg Ballendine for 3 months.


m/s Michelle Lang Chris Beaton

Motion to amend previous motion to a suspension of 6 months.

Br. Christopher Little-Gagne calls for a secret ballot. Emails to be sent to Acting Regional Coordinator, Tom Milne to be counted.

With 2/3 majority MOTION CARRIED.


m/s Michelle Lang Chris Beaton Motion to recommend a suspension of 6 months for Br. Greg Ballendine.

Br. Goertzen advises he does not want a secret ballot. Sr. Michelle Lang advises she requests a secret ballot. Sr. Marianne Hladun advises that she would allow a secret ballot as there was a secret ballot on previous vote and there was not clarity on the previous vote (whether the vote was to amend or on the motion as amended) and she feels it would be appropriate.

Br. Alec Goertzen challenges the Chair. Vote on the challenge of the Chair for a secret ballot (see Appendix A). Chair is sustained. Secret vote is done on previous motion. Emails to be sent to Acting Regional Coordinator, Tom Milne to be counted.

With 2/3 majority MOTION CARRIED.


m/s Alec Goertzen Christopher Little-Gagne

Motion to destroy ballots (see Appendix A).



Sr. Marianne Hladun advises that per Section 14 of the Prairie Region Bylaws that the PRC has the authority to temporarily relieve Br. Greg Ballendine of his duties until the investigation has been completed. Br. Alec Goertzen asks why this was not addressed on the official PRC conference call in September? Sr. Marianne Hladun advises it could have been but did not think of it in time to put it on the agenda. She advises that the recommendation for suspension will be going to the October NBoD meeting in two weeks’ time.


m/s Chris Beaton Tim Hubick

Motion to suspend Br. Greg Ballendine per Section 14 of the Prairie Region Bylaws (see Appendix A).



m/s Michelle Lang Sandra Ahenakew

Motion to adjourn at 10:47 p.m.