PRC Conference Call (June 2011)

Prairie Region Council Conference Call
June 22, 2011 1:00 pm 

Present: Robyn Benson, Imy Bhatty, Jennifer Borean, Amanda-Rose Bourget, Jerad Cooper, Alex George, Tim Hogan, Timothy Hunt, Glen Johnston, Gloria Kelly, Chad Kemery, Denni Nelson, Susan Norman, David Pearson, Matt Tijani, Patricia Davis, Jeffrey Vallis, Alison DavisRegrets: Shaun Brennand, Dave Burchell, Alec Goertzen, Marianne Hladun, Nancy Johnson, Kevin King, Nina Kiviluoma, Fran Mohr, Jackie Nettleton

Our first official Prairie Region Council meeting will be held in Saskatoon, Thurs. Aug. 25 to Sun. Aug. 28. No one on the call had any conflicts with these dates, but please indicate if they do not work for you as soon as possible, so that we can continue with planning.

The meeting will include get to know each other and workstyles activities and discussion on how we will work with each other, administration information (including expense claims and what PSAC will cover), communications (including website, media training, lobbying training, communication with council), planning sessions for what we are doing in 2012, committees and council business, resolutions from Convention, and more.

We will be holding leadership meetings in the fall months throughout the Prairie region to plan our fight back efforts within our region. We will do our best to ensure these meetings don’t conflict with component conventions.

Our fight back efforts in this region must have a Prairies flavor ­­–– it needs our own look, feel and identity. We will focus on changing the public’s perception of federal employees and unions in general, and work to combat what CFIB is doing to diminish unions.

If you haven’t accessed your PSAC e-mail already, please do. This is the last e-mail we will be sending with a CC to your personal e-mail addresses. Going forward, all communication from PSAC will go to your PSAC e-mail addresses, so please access it frequently. If you have any problems accessing your e-mail, have forgotten your password, or have questions about how to use it, please contact Jeffrey Vallis  at (204) 943-5499.