PRC Conference Call (Dec. 15 2010)


Prairie Region Council Conference Call December 15, 2010 2:00 pm

Present: Robyn Benson, Marianne Hladun, Satinder Bains, Alisha Bigelow, Tanya Galenzoski, Alec Goertzen, Timothy Hunt, Nancy Johnson, Glen Johnston, Frank Lloyd, Susan Norman, David Pearson, Gerry Pendulak, Matt Tijani, Clint Wirth, Patricia Davis, Jeffrey Vallis, Alison Davis

Regrets: Chad Kemery, Gerald Wiegers

1) Season’s Greetings

Greetings to be sent out on behalf of the Council and posted on the website.

2) Negotiations Update

Sister Benson gave an update on the Royal Canadian Mint, Saskatoon Airport and Canada Post.

3) Convention

Sister Susan Norman and Brother Glen Johnston are working on resolutions for the January PRC meeting. The bags for Convention have arrived at the REVP’s office and one will be brought to the January meeting.

4) Treasury Board Ratification Votes

Sister Benson addressed the issue of a recount. She advised that requests for a recount are being sent to Brother John Gordon’s office and responses will be coming from Ottawa.

5) Website

There will be changes made to the website prior to Convention and it will be more user friendly.

6) Local Presidents Meeting

The Council discussed the possibility of having Local Presidents meetings. It will be further dicussed at the January 2011 Prairie Region Council meeting.