PRC Conference Call (Aug. 9, 2010)


Prairie Region Council Conference Call August 9, 2010 11:15 am
Present: Robyn Benson, Marianne Hladun, Alisha Bigelow, Shaun Brennand, Tanya Galenzoski, Frank Lloyd, Susan Norman, David Pearson, Clint Wirth, Bryan Smith (Edmonton*), Deanna Kimball

Regrets: Rahil Ahmad, Satinder Bains, Carol Casey (Saskatoon*), Danial Curotte (Calgary*), Timothy Hunt, Nancy Johnson, Glen Johnston (Westman*), Chad Kemery, Nina Kiviluoma, Fran Mohr, Bill Osborne, Gerry Pendulak (Winnipeg*), Matt Tijani, Mary Veilleux, Gerald Wiegers, Andre Paul (Prince Albert*), Connie Gress (Regina*), Lorna Selinger (Lethbridge*)

*Area Council delegates to PSAC National Triennial Convention April 2009

1) PSAC National Triennial Convention

Sister Benson gave an overview of Convention and invited Council members and Area Council Delegates who attended Convention to give an overview as well. It was suggested that future resolutions regarding full funding for Regional Conventions must be more specific and uniform from each region. More specifically, the funding formula needs to be detailed. Resolutions that were not dealt with at Convention have been reviewed by the National Board of Directors (NBoD) and the decisions will be found in the June 2009 NBoD minutes. Sister Benson requested that any concerns or questions from Convention be submitted to her so she can take them to the NBoD in the fall.

2) Prairie Region Health and Safety Conference

Brother Clint Wirth gave an update on the planning for the Regional Health & Safety Conference being held in Regina at the Regina Inn from September 18 – 20, 2009. • Application was sent out by the Regional Offices and can be found on the Prairie

Region website. The deadline for applications is Wednesday, June 24, 2009. • The Committee is in the process of determining a Keynote Speaker, finalized agenda and possibility of observers.

3) Think Public Campaign

The budget for the Prairies Think Public Campaign has been approved by Ottawa. The plans from various committees throughout the Prairie Region were included. Sister Benson asked the Council to advise if there are any additional suggested activities or events that could be included as part of the campaign. Speakers’ notes can be provided to Council members if they are asked to speak at events about the Think Public Campaign.

Sister Benson thanked everyone for their participation and wished everyone a safe and restful summer.