Prairies on Facebook

On Monday, September 24, 2012 the PSAC Prairie Region unveiled its new Facebook page, another means of connecting with members by sharing information, links and photos.

“Different regions within the PSAC and other unions are already benefiting from online engagement and interaction with their members,” explains Marianne Hladun, Regional Executive Vice-President. “With all the activity happening in our region, especially around the federal cuts and our members’ efforts to stand up and fight back in their communities, the time was right for us to join the ranks.” 

The Prairie Region constantly updates its regional website, and is present on fellow social media site Twitter, but the absence of a regional Facebook page was obvious to some members.

“Yippee! It’s about time!” Nancy Johnson commented on the Facebook wall, shortly after the launch.

The Prairies page will showcase the activities happening throughough the Prairie Region and allow members past and present, as well as community allies and supporters, to connect with the union. 

Members can contribute their comments and feedback about what they’d like to see on the page and how they would like to interact with their union by commenting on the Facebook page.

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