Prairies members take action on November 19th

The next federal election is scheduled to be held on October 19, 2015. To act a reminder of this, we are calling on members to mark this day on the 19th of each month with actions in their workplaces and locals.

On November 19 several locals participated in actions to shed light on the destructive policies and reckless cuts of the Conservative government, and demonstrate solidarity and support for PSAC bargaining teams.

  • Edmonton – Members from CEIU Local 30851 along with other PSAC members rallied in front of Canada Place to show support. Murray Pruden, PRC Northern Alberta Geographical Rep, gave a rousing speech and the members walked up and down the sidewalk chanting and garnering public support.
  • Grande Prairie – Members from CEIU Local 30853 redecorated the office to mark the 19th, by arranging ballons on the wall to read “19”. They also wore red “I support my bargaining team” bracelets. This local has approximately 40 members, however, they are spread out throughout Northern Alberta. With less than 10 employees in this office, members showed strong support.
  • Lethbridge – Members from Agriculture Local 30048 distributed health products such as tissues and cough candies to members in the workplace. The items were adorned with PSAC stickers that read “Go to work sick? No Way!” and “Healthy workplaces? Yes Way!”. They were also accompanied by red “I support my bargaining team” bracelets.
  • Winnipeg – Members from USGE Local 50081 along with other PSAC and PIPSC members rallied in front of Union Station to show support for bargaining teams. The rally was also meant to call attention to cuts to public services such as the community corrections liaison officer position, which will be terminated nationally at the end of this month. The position is meant to assist in the coordination of the most dangerous criminals. Members from the Local also led an information picket the day before to spread their message and ramp up for the 19th.
  • Vegreville – Members from CEIU Local 30876 were the first to join the movement in the Prairie Region. They showed their support on October 19 by wearing masks for a great photo op outside the workplace. The local plans to hold an event or action every month on the 19th going forward.

These types of actions and events will only continue to grow throughout the region and across the country as we head into the 2015 federal election. Download the poster below to put up on your union board and encourage members in your local to get involved.