Prairies members take action on December 19

The next federal election is scheduled to be held on October 19, 2015. To act a reminder of this, we are calling on members to mark this day on the 19th of each month with actions in their workplaces and locals.

On December 19, more locals joined this movement and participated in actions to shed light on the reckless cuts of the Conservative government and demonstrate support for PSAC bargaining teams.

  • Winnipeg – Members from GSU Local 50057 & 50058 and the Winnipeg Area Council held a morning plant gate ouside the Royal Canadian Mint’s employee entrance. The intent was to talk to members and ensure they were aware of proposed changes to their sick leave. They also gathered personal email addresses and phone numbers to build their local communications network. PSAC Regional Negotiator Tom Milne was on hand to answer questions about negotiations.

    Later in the day, NHU Local 50012 hosted a lunch time rally. The event was attended by dozens of members from NHU, AGR, USGE, and PIPSC. Information on negotiations and sick leave was shared with members who took part in the rally, and those entering and exiting the building. Stop Harper signs were a big hit with the members and many cars driving by.

  • High River – Agriculture Local 30046 members working at CFIA Registered Establishment 93 (Cargill Foods) celebrated the 19th by distributing “Samosas for Solidarity” to members in the local. Later in the day, “Carrot Cake for Canadians” was offered to workers on the second shift to entice them to learn more.
  • Lethbridge – Members of Agriculture Local 30048 had two custom cakes made to send a message that couldn’t be ignored. One cake was decorated with “Dear Santa all we want for Christmas is a fair collective agreement”, while the other read “Agriculture Local 30048 supports its bargaining teams”. The cakes were distributed to members over morning coffee.
  • Coutts – Approximately 25 CIU members working in Coutts proudly wore the “I support my bargaining team” red arm bands and shared hot chocolate to mark the 19th and show solidarity.
  • Saskatoon – On December 18, the Saskatoon Area Council and the Saskatoon Regional Women’s Committee held their annual seasonal open house at the Saskatoon Regional Office. Guest speaker Kent Peterson, SFL Strategic Advisor, did a presentation on Project Community. Peterson spoke about the need for all unions to work together. He spoke about the attacks on unions, our vision as a labour movement, education/awareness, solidarity building and electoral engagement. This presentation reinforced how important the 19th day of action is and that, together, we can win.

    On December 22, UTE Local 40023 in Saskatoon held a morning plant, distributing flyers with a holiday greeting and bargaining message.

    Members from UNE Local 40195 stood outside the workplace wearing face masks and holding up “Stop Harper” signs as cars drove by and honked in support.

  • Grand Prairie – Members from CEIU Local 30853 gave out candy canes on December 19 accompanied with information on bargaining.

These types of actions and events will only continue to grow throughout the region and across the country as we head into the 2015 federal election. Download the poster below to put up on your union board and encourage members in your local to get involved.