Prairies health & safety tour continues with Alberta visits

In October, Clint Wirth, Regional Representative – Health & Safety, kicked off the Prairies health and safety tour with worksite visits and training throughout Saskatchewan. The tour continued earlier this month with stops in Alberta.

Accompanied by Ben Lemon, Prairie Region Council Representative on the PRC Health & Safety Committee, Wirth toured several workplaces in Edmonton, including UCTE, CIU and GSU locals. They met with workplace health and safety committees and discussed Bill C-4 and the impact on federal public workplaces. There was also a more in depth discussion later in the evening, which was open to all members.

The tour continued to Calgary, where Wirth met with CIU members at the Calgary Airport and members from several different locals throughout the Harry Hays federal building in downtown Calgary for workplace tours and to discuss workplace health and safety concerns. A series of half-hour Bill C-4 information sessions were also held.

While visits to rural areas were planned, poor weather conditions limited travel. However, many members took advantage of the call-in option for evening Bill C-4 sessions, a suggestion stemming from the sessions in Saskatchewan.

Though dates have yet to be confirmed, worksite visits and information sessions will be held in Manitoba next year. More information will be posted on the Prairies website as it is available.

Members with questions about Bill C-4 or future worksite tours or health and safety training can contact Clint Wirth by email or by calling the Winnipeg Regional Office at 204-947-1601.