Prairie Voice Awards 2014 Winners

The Prairie Voice Awards were created to recognize and salute the tireless work our members do every day in their locals, their committees or councils, and their communities. It’s a way for us to say thank you to our sisters and brothers for their commitment to the labour movement and their efforts to make our union stronger.

Thank you to each and every member and committee who took the time to nominate someone this year. We received many nominations, all of them clearly dedicated to their union and committed to the membership.

Congratulations to all the 2014 Prairie Voice Award winners and to all those that were nominated, as well. We have a strong, committed and active region, and all of the nominations we received were a testament to that.

The seven categories we recognized members in at the 2014 Prairie Region Triennial Convention were: Steward of the Year,  Human Rights, Labour Award, Leadership, Mentor, Political Action and Community Outreach.


Human Rights – Timothy Hunt, CIU Local 30036 (Calgary)

Human Rights is awarded to a member who advances human rights work or raises awareness or money for an organization or cause (this can include women, aboriginal peoples, persons with disabilities, racially visible persons, GLBT persons, etc.).



Labour Award – Brea Lewis, CIU Branch President, Saskatchewan

Labour Award is presented to a member who participates actively in the labour movement and/or does something to further the work or collective goal of the broader labour movement.



Leader – Todd Panas, National President of the Union of Environment Employees

A good “Leader” shows initiative and innovation in their work. They lead by example and always work to create a strong, united union –– one that stands together, and works together, in solidarity.



Mentor – Nancy Johnson, UTE Local 40023 (Saskatoon)

Mentor is awarded to someone with a kind heart and big personality that recognizes the value of mentorship and invests time into others’ success. Leads by example, fosters positive energy, and promotes positive change.

Political Action – Nancy Johnson, UTE Local 40023 (Saskatoon)

Political Action is awarded to a member who coordinates a rally, develops a petition, and lobbies their MP on various issues. Someone who is politically charged and devoted to creating positive change.


Steward of the Year – Tamara Wilton, UTE Local 30025 (Edmonton)

Steward of the Year is awarded to a member that takes on challenges or situations, consistently follows through with responsibilities and helps to educate members on grievance handling. Sister Wilton had already left Convention and was not there to receive her award in person. 


Community Outreach – Hycinth Jayasuriya, GSU (Winnipeg)

Community Outreach is awarded to a member who participates in volunteer efforts, supports community activities or groups and is a leader in the development and growth of their community. Brother Jayasuriya was not a delegate to Convention and was not there to receive his award in person.