Prairie Region Triennial Convention subsidies update

At the January 2017 Prairie Region Council meeting, the PRC Finance Committee made a recommendation that the registration fee for all delegates for the Prairie Region Triennial Convention be paid out of the unallocated surplus. This recommendation was duly approved by the PRC and will cover all delegates currently registered and any delegate who registers prior to the start of Convention.

For delegates who registered by the December 8 subsidy deadline, the $100 registration fee will no longer be deducted from your subsidy. For delegates who registered after December 8 and have submitted cheques for registration fees, your cheques will be returned.

Please note, all observers and guests will still be required to pay the $100 registration fee, which may be submitted by mail after completing the online registration.

Additionally, the subsidy amounts listed in the original convention callout notice have been increased based on the number of delegate registrations received by the December 8, 2016 subsidy deadline. The revised and final subsidy numbers have been approved by PRC. Subsidy cheques will be mailed out by February 17, 2017.

  • Each Alberta delegate will receive $1000
  • Each Saskatchewan delegate will receive $1000
  • Each Manitoba delegate:
    • who resides above the 53rd parallel north will receive $1000
    • who resides 100km or more outside of Winnipeg will receive $750
    • who resides less than 100km from Winnipeg will receive $350

Only Locals or Branches will be entitled to assistance for each delegate registered by the December 8, 2016 subsidy deadline. Please note the subsidy for each delegate will not entirely cover the cost of transportation, hotel, loss of salary and per diem.

Delegates, observers and guests are expected to make their own transportation and hotel reservations. All delegates, observers and guests are responsible for the costs incurred for transportation and hotel accommodations. A block of hotel rooms has been reserved for our Convention. The cost of a room is $179.00 plus taxes and applicable fees. Please complete your bookings prior to March 10, 2017.

Blocks of rooms are at the following unionized hotels:

  • Fairmont Winnipeg, 2 Lombard Place, Winnipeg MB Toll Free: 1-800-441-1414; Local Phone: 1-204-957-1350; Fax: 1-204-949-1486
  • Radisson Hotel Winnipeg Downtown, 288 Portage Ave., Winnipeg MB Toll Free: 1-800-339-5238; Local Phone: 1-204-956-0410; Fax: 1-204-975-6199

Please identify yourself as a delegate, observer or guest to the 2017 PSAC Prairie Region Convention when booking to ensure you receive the Convention room rate.

If you have any questions related to the Prairie Region Triennial Convention, please contact Alison Davis at 1-855-956-4625 (toll-free) / 204-956-4625 (in Winnipeg) or by email.