Petrina Runns PRC Report (Apr. 2013)

Report of the Directly Chartered Locals (DCL) Rep to the Prairie Region Council submitted for the April 2013 meeting. This report covers the period from the last PRC meeting.

Petrina Runns, Directly Chartered Locals (DCL) Rep
Report to the Prairie Region Council

April 2013

We at Casino Regina are currently in negotiations. We had our AGM on April 11th where Seth our head negotiator attended. So far things seem to be moving along but they haven’t had a conversation surrounding any wages yet. So we will need to see how that will go. We have been focusing on that for the last little while. We are trying to get our members more active, by trying to get them interested with information around Bargaining. As well we have several kids being sponsored to Kids camp through our local.

I am looking for information on our new DCLs within the Prairies so I am able to touch base with them and see how things are going or if I can be of some help to them in any way.

So if anyone can help me out that would be wonderful.