Pennie Young Report February 2018

This is my first time being active with the area council.  There is so much to learn but very interesting, and I’m greatly enjoying it. It has given me more of an understanding about our union and an appreciation for all the work so many people do. 

Here is a brief history of what I have been doing in the 2017 term.

In July I attended the PRC meetings in Saskatoon Being new this was interesting and an eye opener for me not knowing what to expect so my learning began. 

In July I participated in the teleconference meeting after some difficulty getting on.

In September I attended the teleconference meeting where lots of discussion took place and some hard decisions as well.

Due to some serious health issues I was unable to do much for nearly 2 months.

In December I attended my first training session in Ottawa this was very informative and the smaller group sessions were very helpful.  I found it amazing how big are union really is and the degree of support and learning it takes to be involved.   There is so much more to learn.  I participated in a rally to show support while I was there and enjoyed it.

On December 11th I participated in a teleconference communications meeting there is lots that needs to be accomplished with communications and we’ve barely begun.   The world is ever-changing as are the ways we need to be able to communicate.

During the new year I plan to become more involved and learn more and motivate others to become involved in the Union as well.  I look forward to more meetings and training in the future.

My hat goes off to all those involved in the executive of this fine Union and all the work it takes to keep it going and growing.  There is lots to learn and so many ways to help others and with solidarity we can achieve success. 


Take Care

Pennie Young PSAC PRC Area Council Rep Prince Albert