Occupational Health and Safety Report (March 2021)

I have recently been asked to cochair this committee and feel honored to do so.  We have been busy ramping up activity for the upcoming year.  We have completed new terms of reference, set scheduled meeting times for the first half of the year, and established goals and plans for 2021.  The committee make up has changed as we have had members retire and some take a step back and rest.   On behalf of the committee, I want to thank all of those that have contributed to make this committee a success. 

We are looking forward to a busy year in which we will plan on taking a more active role with the Regional Health and Safety Webinars, contribute articles to the regional newsletter, plan May NOASH events and help with the Regional Health and Safety Conference that will be held in late 2021.  

PSAC Health & Safety  

  • Jan 12 Co Chairs
  • Jan 30 Co Chairs  
  • Feb 3 webinar Workplace Violence Prevention
  • Feb 11 Co Chairs
  • Feb 19 Co Chairs and Regional Rep
  • Feb 23 full committee meeting

In Solidarity,

Kirsten Strachey
Acting Cochair 
PRC Health and Safety Committee