Northern Saskatchewan

The Northern Saskatchewan region includes members in Saskatoon, Prince Albert and surrounding areas who serviced out of the Saskatoon Regional Office, responsible for more than 2,300 members.


Committees and Area Councils

Saskatoon Area Council
Saskatoon Area Council AGM
Saskatoon Area Council Events
Saskatoon Area Council Meeting Minutes
Saskatoon Area Council Meeting Notices

Prince Albert Area Council

Prince Albert Area Council AGM
Prince Albert Area Council Events
Prince Albert Area Council Meeting Minutes
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Regional Indigenous Peoples Circle

Indigenous People’s Circle AGM
Indigenous People’s Circle Events
Indigenous People’s Circle Meeting Minutes
Indigenous People’s Circle Meeting Notices

Saskatoon Regional Women’s Committee

Saskatoon Women’s Committee AGM
Saskatoon Women’s Committee Events
Saskatoon Women’s Committee Meeting Minutes
Saskatoon Women’s Committee Meeting Notices