Nestor Galarnyk Reports

December 2020

Elected to PRC on June 17 from W.A.C. and placed into the Finance Committee.

Prior to the PRC, I contacted my MP Raquel Dancho (Kildonan-St.Paul) to discuss putting pressure on the Treasury Board on come to the bargaining table with a mandate.

Being a member of the bargaining team for the SV table I wrote an email to Treasury Board President Jean-Yves-Duclos and I did receive a response.

On July 20 went back to the bargaining table for several weeks, all done virtual which was not the easiest thing to do, but we did get a deal done.

Participated in Winnipeg Area Council virtual meetings:

  • June 17.
  • September 14.
  • November 17.

Participated in the Ratification Vote Webinar for the SV table:

  • September 9, 15, and 24

I did participate in several virtual meetings/webinar/teleconferences for PRC and general prairies groups, yet the most impacted one was July 8.  Not only was it my birthday, but we lost Sister Sheilagh Hanson.  She was different, unique and always on Sheilagh time.

Last, being in this pandemic I hope we all can make it out and one day see each other in person … 

Stay Safe.

March 2021

It has been quite different with the Covid-19 restrictions during winter and the holiday season.

There has not been very much activity.

Dec. 08 – 09, PRC (unavailable, sent regrets)

Jan. 14 – PRC/AC Virtual meeting.

Jan. 27 – On-line celebration with your union kin.  

Jan. 28 – PRC Virtual meeting.

February 03 – Webinar: Changes in the Federal sector for workplace violence prevention legislation, hosted by Clint Wirth.  100 members participated.

February 17 – Winnipeg Area Council Meeting – Virtual.

February 22 – Sent email letter (along with the Chair of the Winnipeg Human Rights Committee) to the Standing Policy Committee on Infrastructure Renewal and Public Works, the Chairperson and the mayor for the City of Winnipeg.  Expressing interest for subsidise for ridership on Winnipeg Transit.

In Solidarity,