Nestor Galarnyk Bio

Nestor does things differently. Most people taking a union course would knock on the front door and take the “Talking Union Basics” course; not Nestor! He walked around and kicked in the basement window by starting with the “Grievance Handling” course offered by his component , USJE.

Since 1999, Nestor has been an active member of a union in one way or another, with membership experience in both MGEU and CUPE.

In 2014,Nestor became indeterminate at Stony Mountain Institution and signed his PSAC/USJE card. He is employed as a Food Steward Officer in Food Services and has also obtained his red seal (1991).

Nestor has been a Shop Steward and OSH committee member for 3 years. Nestor is also a member of the Winnipeg Area Council.

Nestor was elected to represent the SV – Prairies from USJE to the National Bargaining Conference, in Edmonton, November 2017. In March 2018, Nestor was elected to represent the SV – Prairies and PSAC on the National Bargaining Team, in Ottawa.

Some of Nestor’s spare time involves attending rallies, demonstration, picket-line support, protests and union sponsored parades.

“I’m here to help” – Nestor Galarnyk

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