Neha Channan Bio

Neha has been involved in the union since she joined the Federal Government in 2012. She is a young worker, racially visible member, and a woman. As a young worker, Neha has experienced the difficulty of term employment and a lack of job stability within the work place. As a racially visible member, she has experienced adversity in the work place and within my union at various levels. As a woman, she has experienced being overlooked for reasons other than merit.  

In her tenure with the Department of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada Ne was a member of the Canada Employment and Immigration Union component. During this time, she served as a local president for approximately 3 years. During this time, she mobilized members and involved the local in activities taking place in the PSAC Prairie region. They had the opportunity to make many changes within the local and within the department through effective labour management committee meetings and holding the employer accountable for their actions. Since that time, Neha has changed departments and components, however she continues to actively support those around her.

During her time with the PSAC, Neha has had the opportunity as a young worker to be involved with the PSAC Social Justice Fund project, and travel to Guatemala in 2018 with a group of individuals from all over Canada from various components of the PSAC. During this trip, they learned many things such as the involvement of government and policy within communities and work places, and the impact Canadian actions have on other countries such as Guatemala. It was inspiring to see the impact our support makes to those around us. This initiative shines a light on human rights, legal matters, and the ongoing struggles that we have a responsibility to be aware of and speak out about. Neha feels fortunate to have been able to participate in this opportunity.

As a previous member of the CEIU component,Neha was an alternate for the Human Rights and Race relations committee. She had the opportunity to attend meetings and conversations where we discussed the relevance of our presence at this time when there is social change all around us. She has had the opportunity as a young worker to participate in organizing the first PSAC – Prairies Young Worker’s conference in Edmonton, AB  in 2018.

Currently, as an alternate racially visible representative for the Prairie Region Council, Neha hopes to gain experience and learn new things to bring to the table in her new position.